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college entrance exam, Beijing University student, shlf1314 product manager is Wang Junyu’s past. No matter what other people think, he just wants to be the most healthy and clean product.

| Zheng Jiangbo

"I can’t do that. It doesn’t make any sense to me now. Even if my child goes to school for ten years, does that mean it won’t exist?"."

, "shlf1314 did not think so much, the opportunity to move the Internet only once, back to the back of things."." Wang Junyu a look wordless, honest, never mind the lack of. High school he has been recommended for walks, but he did not feel the experience of the entrance exam will leave regret, so he gave up the walk, participated in the college entrance examination, even inadvertently in Guangdong province college entrance examination champion. For example, for the majority of college graduates choose to stay in Beijing, Beijing Hukou are welcome, some even sign similar to the "contract" of the general contract. In this regard, Wang Junyu also chose to give up, and if you continue to stay in shlf1314, he can get Beijing hukou.

relative to other groups, college students to open shop outside pressure will ease a lot. Reporters from the survey found that, in Taobao shop staff, nearly half of the monthly income of 1000 to 2000 yuan, and 16% of people monthly income even less than 1000 yuan. For those who enter society and even have families

with the international economic downturn, recruitment has become scarce, while the number of graduates’ employment force has been rising. Therefore, to obtain social experience before graduation has become the first choice for many college students". Near graduation, Guangzhou Taobao shop owner "group security church", around the students are looking for a variety of internship opportunities, and he has run a tonic shop. He said, part-time, internship is no longer the only way to deal with the employment pressure of college students, what’s more, the practice smoothly does not mean to get to work, and if the shop open well, you can always stay in business.

of Peking University Yuanpei is not required to select the professional class, let students find their own interests, when many students early planning direction, and work for it, Wang Junyu took several "trouble" nature of the course, "

"if a person has a certain quality and is willing to take the challenge, then even if he misses Facebook’s Offer five or six years ago, there will be LinkedIn’s Offer waiting for him."." In the words of Wang Junyu, he just played it in politics, "the initiative". If the plan is divided into short, medium and long-term, the middle of this ring, Wang is always a blind spot. For example, if he asks what the pod is like in five years, he can give the answer; if he asks what he should do in two years, he can’t say clearly. "In the middle, I don’t want to plan it very carefully. It doesn’t work. It’s too variable."." Wang Junyu says.

report in the survival rate standards, choose in the monthly income of 1000 yuan or more, the corresponding shop monthly sales of 5000 yuan or more. In other words, more than this standard shop, have better prospects for development, the short term will not be closed". The proportion of college students to reach this standard is close to 20%, equivalent to every 5 college students in the shop opened, there are 1 people can successfully run.

and the increasing employment pressure, also promote college students "practice in advance". Zhejiang University of Finance and economics students Xiao Weng sophomore, has tried to open a cosmetics agent shop. Small Weng is attending the international trade specialty, the two students looking for work is not easy, a lot of students up to now there is no suitable place". Xiao Weng would like to go out part-time, but more or less will occupy class time, only open shop time is relatively free, and the threshold is low, suitable for us this no economic source of the group".

survey shows that the intensity of competition in online shopping market escalating. Since September 2008, Taobao opened nearly 20 shops a month, an average of more than 6000 a day, compared with the first half, an increase of more than 60%. At the same time, Intel, Lenovo and other major brands have begun to settle in Taobao, competing with individual sellers on the same stage.

in 2009, Wang Junyu was still in shlf1314. Although he lived steadily and decently, he felt that he could learn less and less, and as the tide of mobile Internet hit, he began to become restless. "There’s only one chance of moving the internet." This is what Li Kaifu, an old boss, had said to Wang Junyu when he wavered.

at the end of the year, Long Yingtai, a Taiwan writer, wrote a best-selling book, "big river, sea 1949", which describes a ship that failed to board a ship for a few minutes after the end of the civil war in Taiwan. The story touched Wang Junyu very much. Soon after, in April 2010, Wang Junyu left shlf1314 and officially entered the Innovation workshop pea pod project. "This is a big life choice for the average person, but Wang Junyu is quite relaxed," he said. "It’s just a small choice."".

why do college students open shop to look more alive? It’s about the characteristics of College students. Taobao relevant responsible person said, college students to develop and guide new things than other sellers groups. On the other hand, Taobao buyers are usually under 35 years old, both of whom are very close to consumer perceptions and perceptions. As a result, college students sell goods more readily marketable.

college students online shop business survival rate of 8 percentage points higher than the average level! Recently, domestic famous survey Ai Rui released the "2008 annual report" in the development of online shopping market, attractive and high survival rate of college students online.

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