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p lan Si Group venture Chamberlain show chief expert, male new investment and Entrepreneurship Research Institute researcher Chen Peifeng paper

one day, when the state has introduced a series of preferential policies, you are the new male of life and entrepreneurship.

if you have all of these, then there’s a good chance that

has announced the establishment of the new male, ground thunder,


houses, rent, admission, employment, car buying, medical treatment, and so on, enjoy a lot of concessions.

on the importance of declaring a tax in New District

a reminder: as long as there is a record of the tax declaration, it does not mean how much tax you must pay. How much you pay depends on your monthly income.

therefore, advise the broad masses of male entrepreneurs, employment new male security, we must do a good male tax declaration, and to declare in a row, do not interrupt. Then you will probably enjoy a lot of special preferential policies for him in the future.

in Pu Lan show thinking work, I need to let me show Pu Lan Si for tax declaration, xiongan social security, to assist with good xiongan residence permit, then one day, to the new policy, perhaps poor grass root can counter attack, can be purchased at an affordable male the house, on the license plate good xiongan, give the child into Beijing xiongan, etc..

I like

if you come to xiongan or xiongan around, as an entrepreneur or investor entrepreneurial life, you should know, you fall from that moment, let your boss give you good xiongan xiongan in social security, tax declaration, or even give you a xiongan residence permit.

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will be available in the future was born!The importance of

actually very simple, male security social security, male security tax, male residence permit all handled, maintenance >


how can you prove that you are a new male security, that is, the social security of male security, male security tax, male security residence permit?.

continuous standardized reporting is the best proof of your development in the new territories.

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan,


if you don’t get a tax threshold, you don’t have to pay tax, but you have to declare it.

male new and broad future development without.

this article keywords: male security tax declaration, male social security agency, male security residence permit for

, so be sure to give your boss or finance to say, arrange for you to declare a male tax, conditional, male social security, male residence permit all ready.

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