Storypanda allows children and parents to create their own children’s storiesA case study of 32 comp

Baines went to the University of California at Los Angeles UCLA, has long been engaged in a startup company and related financial and marketing work, accumulated rich experience from which. The charter from Vancouver in Canada, the original digital content is a freelance writer, served as creative director positions in a number of Canadian media company, also served as the Canadian film board National Film Board of>

we thought we could use the hours after work to develop and operate our Internet service. Yes, that’s true. If we’re lucky enough, the server doesn’t make a mistake at all. When our infrastructure problems arise, things don’t start as well as we thought they would. Our team does not have a full-time staff, and then the emergence of institutional server hang up is in our work time, the problem can not be solved in time, hang up several times. You can imagine this for brand and user experience >

financing, acquisitions, major product updates, whether intentionally or unintentionally, the venture media circle always seems to focus on bright shells. The life is short the failure of the venture is like a grain of sand is no sound waves into the sea.


is the 20 cause of business failure overview:

Canada Vancouver startup Storypanda


lesson, teacher. Overseas venture service website ChubbyBrain in 2010 has 32 companies failed to conduct a thorough investigation of the company, and ultimately sort out the reasons for the failure of Top20 entrepreneurship. This article is compiled by 36 krypton.


he thus thought: if you create a story book application based on iPad platform, providing the best new children’s stories, but also let parents and children themselves to write a story, then allow friends to share with each other, it will be a very attractive business opportunities.

our market judgment is based on several articles in the Wall Street journal and the New York Times". One of the central conclusions of these articles and data is that the art market is counter cyclical and has a low correlation with the S & P index. In the long run, the conclusion is correct. But in the immediate environment, there is still a strong positive correlation between the two. As start-up companies, we can not wait until the emergence of counter cyclical. In addition, the decline in purchasing power of ordinary art clients is a variable that we have not considered beforehand.

19 is always thinking of starting a business as part time

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Top 20 is not the right time to start

Baines asked myself: "how can we tell the kids with creative and moving story, let them with a contented smile to sleep? The other fathers probably have the same trouble?" Baines found in iPad after the launch, the children are more interested in children’s books on multimedia iPad. But the books on the iPad also need to pay for, is not in between friends to borrow.

StoryPanda is the brainchild of founder Pavel · Baines Pavel Bains of the daily life. Baines has a happy family, there are three lovely children. As a father, to tell a story for their children every day he, but often plagued by no new stories to the children. Buy the children’s story book was shelved after a finished, resulting in a large number of overhead and waste.

economic environment and market maturity in segments are indicators of entrepreneurial opportunities. A typical example is the 2010 batch of entrepreneurs. At that time, 08 years of economic crisis has not yet subsided, the investment and financing environment from 2009 began to decline on the cliff like, the most important is that consumers i.e. C end startups target customer groups purchasing power decline. Under the background of the great depression, the franchise of the art trade website Untitled Partners is one of the combat encounter multiple start-up companies, and ultimately powerless. Untitled Partners also summed up the failure this year:

creativity comes from life, you need to venture partners. Baines’s creative needs and iPad application interface and the communication channel and press. He also find suitable business partners: digital content James · James Chutter, Chet iOS developer Derek · nellen Derek Nylen; and good at art art director Simon · Vera Simon Vieira.

retains existing work, ensures a stable source of income, and does pioneering work in his spare time. Obviously, many entrepreneurs will think this is the most safe and safe practice in the early days of entrepreneurship. Suffer startups Overto can not think so:

is a major factor of success to find and grasp the market segment. Reading to the child every day before going to sleep, perhaps is every parents the most happy time. Canada Vancouver startup Storypanda has focused on creating a children’s story on the iPad platform, you can download and share a variety of children’s stories, more let parents and children together to create new stories. But their long-term goal is to provide a full range of children’s media services through iPad.