Zhou Hongyi layout of the mobile search client Li again a good fight


in fact in the layout of the mobile Internet, Zhou Hongyi himself admitted that "360 will continue in the PC terminal mode in the field of mobile Internet, security is the base of the 360 core service, it will continue to increase in the field of security products and technology research and development".

The Is different

technology in the mobile phone search and display of the PC display is not the same, need adaptation and adjustment of a lot of, any search companies need to have a special team to follow up in time into the mobile search, mobile search in which more of this requires a separate support. At present, 360 search and did not set up a special team in the mobile search client, search engine is one of the mobile search and PC search, but in the development of products and terminal which has independent, bold speculation, before the Lunar New Year 360 will not be too focused on mobile phone search.


in the mobile phone input 360 search so贵族宝贝 of the domain name, is to jump directly to the m.so贵族宝贝 mobile phone search page.

computer browser input m.so贵族宝贝

including computer terminal and mobile phone, computer terminal will jump to the general search, and the mobile phone terminal is always is the most suitable for the mobile phone reading page. It is reported that 360 mobile phone search is currently not enabled independent search, news search results are also suitable for transcoding view on mobile devices, the function is very simple.

from "when interviewed by the media in the short term will not release mobile search", "I think the mobile search is likely to subvert the traditional opportunity. Whether it is voice or map, the premise is to have a powerful search technology." Warmonger Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi dark Chengcang, domain name has been on-line for the m.so贵族宝贝 mobile phone search.

as early as the end of October 360 the staff revealed the intention of enterprise strategic layout of the mobile search, the earlier is 360 iPhone in the browser version has 360 early search engine set for the user the default search engine, Zhou Hongyi has been in the mobile search in the end to the Shanghai declaration of love.

In fact,


computer terminal using the m.so贵族宝贝 search results: Zhou Hongyi


I found that no matter in the computer or mobile phone in the above input m.so贵族宝贝, there will be 360 search engine search interface, and the so贵族宝贝 is different, showing only "360 + search" logo and text box mobile phone search interface.

mobile search client battles out