The search engine optimization is execution

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for key words, my understanding is that subjects do not think that the pursuit of ranking, we can break through the method of subject in rural areas surrounding the city to one by one, the website optimization stage, we must focus on the long tail word based, supplemented by the way of promotion subject. The word up, the subject also increases with the weights of the website promotion! Relevant keywords for search engines to provide search, we must not give up, collected and used as the optimization of the long tail keywords! A few days ago to have a webmaster article said that if more than one site traffic to rely on 50% main keywords introduced. Then this site is very dangerous! For SEO, I quite agree with the webmaster said, this is indeed a dangerous signal, love Shanghai update are likely to make your subject plummeted, but if the deployment of a large number of long tail keywords, even if the subject was dropped, too the Bureau website will not lead to face No one shows any interest in.

a few days ago I and my classmate’s father, chat, talk to their dogs, said his son asked the most love their dogs? Answer: execution! Say go where, which is the cat where to run. Ha ha, a little pull away…… In fact, search engine optimization, it is also the case, after all, there are many methods of search engine optimization, the key to see how these methods are executed! As long as the execution place, believe that any method can make up the ranking

for the chain, only it is unremittingly, the above mentioned execution. This is the same in the forum.. The necessary work, no escape! But if you write a good soft, you can avoid some repetitive operation, when the moral ideal webmaster reprint of others will put things on your site left, the search engine or read. Although not the chain weight but in the eyes of the search engines is a transfer to send some outside the chain! Every day, write some highly original or false original article, add the appropriate collection of articles, so that the spider will come to your website for stability. But the premise is to provide the food is delicious, two is to be on time, won’t wait.

found a very strange things, a lot of Shanghai dragon will think the second symbol represents a website weight, but I don’t think so. The reason is I this station is a new station, on the line less than 3 months, but I will be part of the search engine seconds. This is my very puzzling place, is a part of some of the articles issued on the second, some articles for a long time will not be included, summed up what is the pseudo original articles can easily be included, hard to write original will not be included, sometimes angrily to A5, the more tragic A5, and reproduced by madness included, and my own website in place, was very puzzled. But also indirectly prove the second true and website weight is not directly related to large high traffic website information! Is the second, but the second does not mean the weight of your site to