The site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization need to start from the three base

website is like layout of the room, need to pay attention to many details. Some even have rich experience in website optimization Division will often ignore this because of factors that influence the quality of website. Now, I give you a summary of these three points, I hope we can bring some reference.


: the first customer is God, should pay attention to the views of users, to beautify the site according to their needs.

optimization, is to speed, weight and service. What is the speed, shorten the loading time, improve access speed. Page loading time is short, the user experience satisfaction will be greatly increased; the weight is of great importance to product quality, from product production to the entire process to the hands of customers not products, not defective, should attach great importance to their reputation; the service is to pay attention to delivery and feedback speed. Delivery time, when the world single best on the day of delivery, timely feedback to the customer feedback to do have problems immediately, to achieve zero time feedback, often some good service website, its core competitiveness will be greatly improved, because they grasp honest business, customer first principle.

second: quality is the key to success.

the core competitiveness of all commodities are quality, electronic commerce is no exception. The quality of products and the quality of the site include. The two decision of website quality factor is the stability and speed.

utility is the first customer needs. So the layout of the site is very important. Any small details may affect the practicality, is the key to victory. To the layout optimization Division website according to the user’s voice: page layout should be concise, content to be very accurate and practical, so as to facilitate customers to search, find what they need.

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third, the improvement of software and hardware.

first in terms of hardware, 1, improve site performance, network optimization, optimization, page optimization procedure, storage optimization of supply chain. Optimization of hardware, can improve the customer experience in the objective sense, the depth of mining user data, the user needs to know in advance exactly >

user experience a sense of desire to know the answer, so we should full use of modern technology to establish a complete customer feedback channel. 1, can have the award personally to visit, ask the customer to collect opinions; 2, the online questionnaire survey, in this way the surface is broad, the effect is obvious; 3, telephone interviews, also is the customer service telephone visit. Remember, the views of users is our best reward, we must respect the views of users, because their opinions is the most sincere, is the response of the mirror, and good feedback system can win the trust of customers, increase the number of customers. As a business, established a relatively perfect customer feedback channels, can give customers a satisfactory reply in a timely manner, so as to win the trust of many customers, expand the customer base.

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