Love Shanghai how to judge whether a site has a black hat Shanghai dragon behavior

in order to more direct and detailed understanding of the black hat Shanghai dragon, first we see the black hat Shanghai Longfeng definition: all cheating or suspicious means to optimize the site known as the black hat Shanghai dragon. First, this definition expression is very ambiguous, and did not analyze an authoritative position of cheating way, so many webmaster friends are not sure whether their optimization technique belongs to the category of black hat Shanghai dragon. For those suspected of cheating, whether or not it is in love with the sea that black hat Shanghai Longfeng technique, we also need to know the practice.

Hello, I am your old friends love the stars, in front of the article to tell you something about yourself for the optimization of Shanghai dragon understanding, but in the big update on June 22-28 love in Shanghai, so many webmaster friends site affected, from the big update can be seen in Shanghai and the optimization technique of love the exclusion of black hat Shanghai dragon. We are in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, there are many methods are between normal and black hat optimization of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon, if we can correctly grasp the Shanghai Dragon technology, control a degree in optimizing a website, not to cross the bottom line love Shanghai set, so our website in the optimization it will become very easy, but also get the love of spiders in Shanghai’s favor.

do not know if you look at the "love Shanghai" optimization guide, have found no one care for Shanghai Shanghai dragon’s advice: black hat Shanghai dragon is the use of search engines and amplification strategies to achieve user flow and website ranking, to hurt the user experience of a kind of behavior at the expense of the search engine through some of its strategy to curb it. Through these words we should understand our own way in judging whether belongs to the black hat Shanghai dragon, no longer tangled up. If your starting point is the Shanghai dragon optimization techniques in order to obtain the user traffic, need to use search engines to achieve this purpose, and excessive use of the search engine ranking algorithm rules, so there is no doubt that you have a black hat Shanghai dragon.


love Shanghai are optimization guide suggestions for Shanghai Longfeng issues, if we follow the inside of the definition of the content and suggestions to optimize the search engine, so is love, your site will be the corresponding search engine attention, at the same time to obtain a relatively good ranking. The search engine algorithm is continuously adjusted, so the emphasis of the different stages are different, we each stationmaster should maintain a good attitude, no matter how to adjust the search engine algorithm, always keep in mind the two most important principles: the principle of user experience first do no harm, second search engines do not damage the interests of the principle. Only to ensure this two cases, no matter in.

love Shanghai how to judge whether a site has a black hat Shanghai dragon