Love Shanghai statistics six functions quickly help you find a better targeted visitors

The main function of


The 3. page analysis of

through this function can know where visitors from visiting your site, use what browser, and what is the new and old customers. Visitors can know is what age and visitor loyalty.

analysis of 4. visitors

5. custom analysis

this function roughly with the function of trend analysis are similar, see visitors visited your website which pages. But there is a page analysis of the function of the downstream page, I think we can use. It can show visitors what page, then through your access to these pages which pages, real-time tracking and monitoring data.

has two aspects from the website and URL page content of Shanghai Longfeng suggestions to optimize the system will check your site on friendly love Shanghai search engine. On site URL inspection mainly carries on the analysis, from the website of the length of the URL and the static page parameters suggested; page content >.

source analysis

can query the source page, such as the visitors come to your site from which the search engine, search is what words to your site. You can know which search engine to flow more accurate etc.. Here we can query keywords to find targeted customers, according to certain words to search what page you, then analyze your web page for placing what type of AD, targeted promotion, better effect.

love Shanghai statistical analysis

trend analysis


webmaster know statistics add to the site, to see visitors flow and Loyalty Analysis and so on, the background on the Internet there are many statistical systems such as: Shanghai statistics, CNZZ, love 51, noble baby wait, these are the background statistics system more above the current network for people. Believe that many webmaster usually only to see the flow of IP, many other features you may have not used, to explain in detail the advantages of the tools.

We do

6. optimization

analysis of

can according to your web pages and web pages, if you want to know more, with each page, you can customize analysis function for page setup. Of course, there are other related aspects of the function, but I have not found particularly useful, it is temporarily not recommended.

the trend analysis can let the webmaster master access dynamic website for the latest information and real-time, visitors visitors to your site entrance page and the last page. You can also check the day and the day before and within 30 days of the access number of IP information. Understand the trend, can make you more accurate understanding of what your visitors love the page, which is not love, also can let you know the number of your daily traffic IP.