Google search results and punctuation symbols can be returned as a result of the current

; (semicolon)

_ (underlined)


(percent) !

| (

Google has updated its search results, punctuation and other symbols of the search results will be displayed. Search for symbols includes a comma, full stop, question mark, sign and so on symbols, these results will return search results, although they are not always very relevant, is shown as below.

is still a symbol cannot return a result, that is an asterisk (*), as shown in figure

$(dollar sign)


~ (tilde)


# (digital symbol)


, (comma)


– (minus)




> (greater than

punctuation search results change the search results, which can search results including punctuation:

and other search engines, including love Shanghai, YAHOO, Bing and other search engines, these symbols can return search results. Google is the search engine of the big boss, I believe that other search engines will also follow up on the search function. This paper consists of CMG Immigration Network 贵族宝贝iimmi贵族宝贝/ finishing, A5 first, please keep the link

(equal) );

+ (plus)

< (less than

: (colon)

() {} [] (in parentheses, brackets and braces are combined into the same search results)

& (and

/ (slash)

. (a)



(at sign) );

other symbols and punctuation, Google can identify and return results: