To write a good article outside the chain of nature

query site, increase the chain.

chain is long, maintenance free.

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4, to know love love Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar, love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia and other related sites outside the chain increased.

this is the recommended way, the author published 2 articles in the home station and A5, after the submission was also included. Not only is the love of Shanghai news source can be found, and reproduced very much, a lot of the same industry webmaster reproduced, so the quality of the chain is very high, the moment the chain increased 50, and the ratio of quality chain to the webmaster module outside the chain is much better, because these are reproduced in the webmaster I recommend the way to publish this article, a model which is in favor of the love of Shanghai, summarizes the benefits:

[love Shanghai official said, the chain is also belongs to the chain of garbage. So most of the fall in love with the sea as invalid chain]

[this estimation method is permanent, it is also a good way to increase the chain! But you know, not all owners are willing to exchange with the chain you must first contact, contact is not necessarily willing to exchange, it is also a relatively hard work. After all, the same is not blind, you despise me, I dislike you, you will have the right

chain has been the lack of Shanghai Longfeng optimization factors, the key is always being the focus of attention. Now love Shanghai will also be part of the chain into the type of garbage disposal or cheating! So we are now in the chain are more cautious and relative before the quality, I believe we know silently, in addition to the exchange Links, write original articles with the chain is one of the better way.

[but now love Shanghai for these site supervision is very high, it is easy to be deleted, Wikipedia also increased noffow, even if you can add the chain and the chain is invalid, but you can try to do other search engines know Post Bar etc..


2, through the blog comments, forum signature, personal information, quiz reference, web directory and other methods can increase the chain.

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[now many of them are listed as garbage outside the chain, the quality is relatively low. And like the A5 forum has canceled the forum signature! Similar station group blog weight also reduced a lot, now many blog station group K estimates are also many, now the forum signature can not excessive, excessive is regarded as garbage outside the chain, relatively speaking this is the recommended reference answer


1, the Links chain increased


in several ways on the chain

copy number, and high quality.


5, write high quality articles, the chain of