Soft Wen promotion trap, you caught

, about an hour later, he suddenly told me the love of Shanghai has been collected, and gave it back to me. "


the other day, the state has been reviewed, second days, wait, call the past to hurry up and told the media, etc. for a long time, was told by audit. Asked the reason, said not really not by reason, I asked for a medium price, duotuishaobu. I think that may be the soft advertising taste is too strong, and Duotuishaobu, also fair. Then, another house price is almost the media, did not think this is very fast, on-line audit within one hour, also sent me the link. At that time, the entrance and the two columns on the home page, about second days to be love Shanghai included, is the major site of forwarding…… The beauty in his heart.

however, a day later, love Shanghai not included, two days later, still not included, and without any websites, my heart felt wrong, thought the article was deleted, open the link, still

now has many third party agencies do soft Wen promotion, love Shanghai "soft Wen promotion", the first page is almost all advertising, pick a. This is my choice of self-help, also is the price tag, their recharge, choose their own media, write their own articles, you can submit the audit, issued by the post, everything looks so good, the price is not expensive, the mainstream media also 100 yuan each.

excited, spend a night writing a manuscript.

, what is the reason?


in this way, the customer first he thought I do not understand technology, told me that 100% does not guarantee that the search included such. I said, "you are not of course not entrance, may be included? So, pushing for a long time.


from the beginning, I was not ready to do free channels, so not too much time thinking and writing "advertising taste" not so thick and soft, but also do not believe there is really a free lunch in the world. So what did the soft free experience, then to talk about the main charging channels.

recently made an Internet product in this station, traffic is king of the times, also want to flow through the soft Wen promotion lara. But it is not so easy, a few days down, encounter all sorts of "pit", this write up for everyone to share, hope to do the promotion of soft buddies some reference.

looked again when the two version of the home page, the article is not? Not at the top level directory list, then? I understand — I have worked so hard to write articles are "isolated", that is to say there is no link to my page, a page has no entrance. How could the search engines get


then looking for customer service.

What causes: