Shanghai Longfeng orders how to deal with the critical customer station

site is the main object of our study, why the site in the front row is always a topic worthy of study. >

A competitor to the Methods: with Methods:

1, named only Shanghai dragon customer

most of our clients are very concerned about the Shanghai dragon optimization time, above a class of customers have a certain foundation, naturally know time is proportional to the degree of difficulty and. While some customers are too eager to think that today in the first order, tomorrow, this is where the Shanghai dragon, directly open bidding.

2, anxious customers

to deal with the competitor analysis site, list the detailed scheme of

enterprise website optimization is an important way to make money because of Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon is a long-term service product, and many business owners and executives of the industry do not know much, often appear all sorts of problems. Each money do Shanghai Longfeng customers will be thinking with the least money, see the effect in the shortest time. Therefore, it produced a variety of discerning customers. Fat brother is mainly doing business in Shanghai Longfeng work, today to share under the orders of their own experience, in the face of different customers how to deal with.

to speak with the data and cases, change the thinking of

this customer is actually very easy, although they know the relevant knowledge of Shanghai dragon, but there is no real operation of a website, can not be seen a complete optimization process, some experience of the Internet is intercepted or for a solution to the problem. We organize themselves through integrated marketing to obtain the promotion effect, to give them the data (flow, PV, volume), the real thing is the most convincing. In addition, these customers must give clear purpose and status of Shanghai dragon in the network promotion, do not think that Shanghai is the network marketing all dragon. We also specialize in micro-blog marketing, with a Sina blog, also can achieve good results. Use the case to speak, is the main solution to this type of customer.

the customer seemingly goal is very clear, "we don’t need you to do other, just to the site to do the Shanghai dragon, to bring up the line". Most enterprise customers supervisor or boss, more or less understanding of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, always think you know some little experience is great, hang in the mouth is "Shanghai dragon I understand, they can do so, but no hands". These customers often only know some Shanghai Longfeng fur, so that the content and the chain is equal to the website optimization. But people in the industry are aware, web site ranking and traffic is not just Shanghai Longfeng problems, but the overall optimization results of sem. In addition to Shanghai Longfeng daily work, there are many necessary means, such as forum marketing, event marketing, micro-blog marketing, as a supplementary means of website of Shanghai dragon. Only by the chain and update is difficult to obtain the best effect.