On the first A5 submission experience, starting point A5 platform webmaster success

I registered A5 account after submission, then put three original articles, did not expect a two, very happy, one is the "Shanghai dragon nearly two months to learn about the experience of new Shanghai dragon" and "new Shanghai dragon, forum signature effect really you imagine so good". After the submission, I often see what happens. Managers have no manuscript on the platform, only at night when it was published. When this morning, I checked, reproduced is so much. I know in the A5 platform contribute what benefits, following Pizhou making the network and share their first submission in A5 platform experience.

when I was three years ago should know the A5 platform, and A5 download, A5 forum, A5 trading. No matter where almost all heard of A5. I don’t know what A5 is doing. As previously heard like Wang Tong, I do not know who I love Shanghai to know is Shanghai dragon world master. But I just walk the Internet, even I do not know the website of Shanghai dragon, so I knew three years ago and the A5 platform, but only recently met.

second, A5 platform and blog, forum.

first, the weight of A5 platform, do the chain is of high quality.

we do the chain to find a high weight site outside the chain to do so is high quality. So, we in the submission of the time to choose a A5 like high weight, high popularity of the platform.

to bring their Pizhou tiger net to develop. I studied in Shanghai dragon. During the study of Shanghai Longfeng need chain. In general I will do BBS signature, classification of information network. Of course, I also spent much more time in Shanghai dragon forum. Because I feel that Shanghai dragon WHY is a professional learning base Shanghai longfeng. In the process of doing outside the chain, also saw a lot of Shanghai dragon chain of knowledge, a lot of people say A5 is a very good platform for submission. I don’t understand, so please contribute to A5. Why do so many people say. However, they have not cast off.

in the night before, I went to the A5 platform inadvertently read some articles in Shanghai Longfeng feel good, so I put the address links to my useless Shanghai Longfeng blog Links, yesterday morning, I went to the A5 platform, to see some of the Shanghai dragon phoenix. I see I will cover Deng, simple look, I think, I also try to contribute.

because I think that, in the A5 contribute more than they have a blog. Besides, the contribution can not be through. I have a blog to write a lot of good. So, I will raise their own blog, but had no stroke all up. Moreover, I think even if it does not contribute in some Webmaster Platform is an interesting. So, I have no contribution on the A5 platform.