Why Sogou web site navigation to join the news analysis

would like to introduce today is why Sogou web site navigation to join the news, can give us what kind of webmaster inspiration. The author is how to parse Sogou adding news? The author is due to a chance to understand why CEO news video Sohu placed in the first position navigation. In fact, now the video website that do not like potatoes, Youku, Iqiyi, music, film and television drama like what is in the first position navigation. Before the video Sohu is like this, but later the news video Sohu this column moved to the most prominent position, according to their CEO explanation is that, in order to cultivate habits of users.

is the use of Sogou browser, also is the use of its navigation. When it comes to navigation site navigation site, several Chinese of the evaluation is not here. Each one has its own merits, but recently, the author observed Sogou web site navigation a little change. It is added to the Sogou web site navigation news, these news including real-time hot star, video, games, military, entertainment and so on women, some hot news. And refresh function, that is able to quickly find the hottest news, perhaps it was borrowed from the search engine spiders crawl principle. The contents are from the major authoritative website, such as Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Phoenix, China first network television, video and so on, this kind of news credible sites, not only call the Sohu news. At this point I still agree, in fact here is not really about the core content of today, just to Sogou web site navigation to introduce the news.

when the user creates a habit with you, do you recommend your product is a natural thing. We join the news web page in Sogou navigation purposes it should be so, is to cultivate habits of users, as everyone knows, no technical content of what web site navigation. Make a navigation website for several hours. The reason that these big companies can win because they are in the hands of the client. For example, 360 web site navigation is to use the browser to do it, "


why news will develop habits of users? In fact, the majority of Internet users are watching the news, if I love the news will click into the look, if several times, each time to see their love of the news in this place. After will have a habit of this website, because the news is a television series broadcast endless. The Sohu in the process to buy TV video in spend a huge amount of funds, but this approach can only lead to transient flow. After others there are better and more popular TV series of the time, people will not hesitate to choose to leave you, so the hit series can only bring traffic, and cannot keep flow, is not conducive to the cultivation of user habits, the user does not have a sense of belonging. In fact, there is news of this function, the user if every time you find recommended here, it is all love news, the next time he will naturally want to see the news that you.