Create a visitor loyalty only three points

visitor loyalty is nothing more than "stickiness, and is directly related to the quality of the user experience. How to build a visitor loyalty, you must also have their own thoughts, then I will talk about some of my own experience, hope to correct criticism.


then I’ll pull a little life, I want to live in this world, everything has its purpose, even if it is to see the celebrity gossip, see movie entertainment, see beauty temptation pictures, he is also in order to meet their own needs and desires of the entertainment. So we build the loyalty of the visitors, to visitors from the point of view.

then we will understand why people come back to your website, it is not able to demand what in your website? According to this problem we can meet their needs in consideration. The best friend is your enemy, you have to look at your competitors is not able to meet the needs of visitors, so your site must have value than his. Here I suggest the webmaster, do not use false original collection, to enrich your site, so that it cannot keep visitors, they will never leave you.

is the most successful example is the love of Shanghai, take me, I use the browse.

!1, why users visit

3, users have

I think, want to build visitor loyalty, to figure out three questions, do these three problems, don’t stick to your customers to

2 users, again why visit

the same, you can not meet all the requirements, so you want to grab a precise part of the user the most reliable, then you can start.

you like to give your child the same story, if he is willing to listen to the second day, he will speak to you, the truth is the same, the visitor recognized in you, he will come back again, I said, people do have the purpose, maybe you can make the website content together they and their purposes, the following work is successful, you can like your visitors to display their purpose or vision, such as A5, you can say: A5 submission, reprint rate is high, the weight is high, the rankings quickly, bring more traffic. In this sentence, you can stick to the user, but your commitment to and your ability is proportional to the.

your website is not only a web site, is a road, will lead users to their desire for the world.

In this paper, we

to set a visit customer loyalty problem. So in this before, please open your browser, select the new label options, the browser must now have such a convenient direct display function, you often go into the site, so we’ll start from here.

cannot do without you