Single page sales official website of the Shanghai dragon optimization techniques share

so how to make their own sales promotion website ranking? Because the single product sales website most single page station mode, so the site optimization, there are different and the large door website at least in the apartment layout, construction site, save a lot of manpower and material resources, and the structure of the site is also easier to optimize, below we focus on the share is about a single page sales website content optimization and the chain optimization, the hope can help to those of the authentic official website!

recently, CCTV exposure of a lot of luxury website there are a large number of suspected fraud, these websites by publishing a large number of ads to entice consumers to buy, but they have a common characteristic, that is the Shanghai dragon optimization level is very low, almost no natural ranking, this gives the formal official website beyond these fake website brings the opportunity to highlight the characteristics of Shanghai Longfeng optimization brand, if the regular official website through its Shanghai Longfeng optimization, to enhance the natural ranking website, we will be able to help consumers identify false advertising website, because through the search that the official website of the brand characteristics, ensuring that consumers will not be deceived!

three: the construction of the chain to improve the link quality, diversification is the correct direction of

for sale website, the construction of the chain is very important, because the content can expand the limited space, the construction of the chain to improve the main motive power of website optimization is from the site, outside chain way, on the one hand to anchor paper and a variety of long tail key words could improve the optimization effect of the long tail word continuous improvement, these long tail word weight and >

a lot of single page sales website used almost all of the total picture form, is very similar to the like Taobao store, but the total picture of the site, although it looks beautiful, but it is not conducive to the website optimization, the author combined with images and text content methods, enhance the website content capture rate, at the same time the picture is very careful, but where necessary, provide a clear picture content, and the ALT attribute set a good image, help love Shanghai included!

: a picture can not be abused, increase the content of text range

two: content keywords should be selected carefully, through the long tail keywords driven core

single page sales website, generally have a core keywords, if you are selling watches, that is the brand name watches belong to key words, but it is very easy to have a serious problem that many sales website keywords are consistent, it is not conducive to their own talent shows itself so we have to be flexible. The core keywords, through the core keywords derived some long tail keywords, so as to put these long tail keywords optimization to love Shanghai home, but after many long tail optimization, the corresponding core keywords will also rise, also can rise to the site’s home page!