Some see only a small part beautiful Shanghai Longfeng optimization of small details

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The front to share with you about the beautiful and the brand mogujie贵族宝贝 keyword strategy, get feedback, some friends have praised, mostly from good friends, there are poor, mostly from some sincere friends have read the article, this article is insufficient, people are not perfect, maybe some friends for Shanghai dragon too care about details others, always want to tell me how to get to the implementation; perhaps some friends have a deep understanding of Shanghai dragon, see article just to enrich themselves; perhaps some friends are always with a critical eye to find the deficiency of the article, it is thanks to these people, with these people, my article will be better, I only hope that like-minded friends can learn something, for example, really care about their brand keywords enterprise website construction, such as the observation that I write For example, I found that ideas, analysis of these data and so on, although not necessarily good, but we can also learn from.


nonsense not say, today to share is about some of the beauty of Shanghai dragon observation, are some small details, because they do not know the specific operation, can only do a preliminary conjecture according to some surface phenomena, hope these ideas to help Shanghai to phoenix.

B, a URL optimization page classification. "Chiffon" this category for example, you click on the page to get URL address is: /attr/show/34153/weight/pic, in fact, careful observation will find a jump in the middle of the link, is from /attr/direct searchKey=%E9%9B%AA%E7%BA%BA to jump over?. Do the strict standard of the URL, which is a lot of B2C and shopping sites need a little learning, to use a 301 redirect is also very good.

1, on the classification of navigation Shanghai dragon

beauty product classification

open beauty website, is the classification navigation in the eyes of the beautiful, that will put the classification so in front, I want to work for so beautiful that Shanghai dragon classification navigation must have done very well, or that they want to do a very good classification navigation Shanghai dragon. There’s another reason for shopping sites, or rather the Taobao shopping navigation website, product classification more can help website coverage to more people, if these pages of the Shanghai dragon well done, can be obtained from the search engine traffic will be very large, of course, income will be greatly improved.

A, from the user experience, we can see that beautiful classification are very accord with the demands of women: in the spring of 2012 – Fashion – fashion style – fashion brand – Beauty skin care – netizens recommend, I believe there is always a kind of is what you want.