Love from Shanghai snapshot it can be seen that the optimal condition of a website

if a web site updated daily snapshot, the professional personnel in the operation and maintenance of the website, the website is not updated for a long time snapshot may not have every day, even if there is, is only for a certain period of time, because a website, if there is no regular updates to the station for the hair. The hair of the chain, not only will be beyond our competitors, and the weight of the website may soon go down, even if you are a relatively high weight of the old site; and for new sites, the contents of the last update and good chain layout, will make a new station updated daily snapshot, the weight will continue the rise.

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is a website snapshot of enjoy Shanghai can be divided into two types: one is the new sites; two is severely punished the site, just built new sites are not included no love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot is a very normal thing, we only need the love Shanghai submitted under it; and for a have a snapshot of the site included love Shanghai suddenly without love Shanghai snapshot, may not general punishment, unless it is love Shanghai’s own error (that is soon to return), generally a website even if love Shanghai snapshots are not, search engine punishment is more serious than that at this time. Punished by the waiting time is more long, some daily updates require half a year to recover, some severe punishment, even no chance of recovery.

love Shanghai if the original snapshot is updated every day, for some reason by the love of Shanghai search engine punishment, do not give you the updated snapshot of long-term, is a very normal thing, because when a site drop right, love Shanghai will give you a site inspection stage, maybe a week and a half months, perhaps longer time. This time for webmaster friends is a long wait, but there is no way, we must be responsible for their actions; if the site is updated with a chain unremittingly, the construction of Shanghai is love will soon let you website return to normal, because we just received some minor punishment no, cause serious website snapshot is deleted.

two, love Shanghai long-term not updated snapshot of

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, a website health can come out from Shanghai love snapshot reaction, although the site has high weight and low weight, a new and old station points, but as long as it is a progress of the good website is updated daily snapshot, some websites are not updated daily, but the weight is very high, it can still be explain some aspects of the site do not in place, perhaps is not updated every day, love Shanghai in the grab, or the previous page, so the snapshot is also unchanged, perhaps the site by some punishment etc.. The website is a website snapshot of the "barometer", to see whether a site optimization, should first from the website snapshot, the optimization condition from the love Shanghai snapshot can be a web site analysis, concrete can be divided into the following four points:

, a Shanghai love snapshot is updated every day