Love Shanghai snapshot ranking optimization can never do.

first, content. When we do the best in the content and the theme of the website is related to the content of the website is not possible, but to pay attention to the quality of light, the acquisition is meaningless, it is best to do the original or false original article. I will go to a fixed time site posted their own original articles, very soon now, love Shanghai began to update the original articles included, but also very stable ranking before. A good original article may be collected 100 articles is more effective than you.

second, outside the chain. My chain is divided into three areas to improve. A related theme of the site exchange Links, through the platform to find your site is consistent with the theme of the site in the Links exchange, thick skinned, take the initiative to invite them to exchange links. In two, the product of Shanghai love to do outside the chain, such as love, love Shanghai, Shanghai know Post Bar love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love space Encyclopedia of Shanghai library. Love Shanghai for their site weights are very high, in his platform on the chain have a multiplier effect. But it should be noted that, in Shanghai often send love and you need to know Post Bar chain will increase to level 3 or above, therefore, should be a little hard, don’t be lazy, not three days of fishing, two days. Three, soft and forums, blog. In each big blog have built an account, published articles, but do not send the same content, the content is too similar to the ranking is also of no help. Built blog, do the text to their own website. In the forum signature has also added their own links, especially active in a high weight on the site, many post top posts. Write some valuable soft, then respectively to the industry than.

therefore, we can see the love of the existence of the Shanghai drop right phenomenon, serious drop right will be your website snapshot slowly removed, commonly known as "feathers", until one left, slow update. A slight drop right also let your keyword ranking fell to 10 pages later. Tragic lesson tells us, do not be anxious, with the help of software to improve their rankings. As the ancients said: "More haste, less speed.!" sex Shanghai ranking or step by step, don’t be lazy, the regulatory rules from the station to do. Absorb lessons, specific to the implementation of the course or in the content and the chain.

we all know, to improve Shanghai’s ranking of love, one is content, the chain is two. At that time, did not go to see you up to the people of Shanghai Longfeng experience, only to see the contents of this four word chain unsuspectingly embarked on the optimization of the road. For the content, I collected a lot of data of the locomotive, for the construction of the chain, I take the message group blog, build tools. In short, very soon, my website has accumulated a lot of content and the chain. Of course, this is a return, the benefits of doing so is my website ranking in Google and love Shanghai quickly on the home page, but after a period of time, love Shanghai’s ranking to turn to page 20 after the find, fortunately Google’s ranking also has been strong.