To solve the problem of a fast down the right site the site to drop right phenomenon


Hello, recently has been buried in the station, for the website devoted a lot of effort, but could not see a big effect, because their energy is limited, and probably their technology is still lacking. Recently my friend has a station, do not know how the site is down right, he asked me to help look, although this piece did not know too much, but still find time to look at this one.

2, reduce the external links.

we are most concerned about the content of the website is included and the snapshot problem, in fact as long as the content of the website is not a large area to be removed, the general is not be right down. Don’t have a website to reduce content included as a general right down, such as sudden hundreds of collect decrease, or reduce the only home page that is the site is down right. The main reason is probably because of the large area of the content of the website and the Internet to repeat, collected before, because the search engine is not identified, but if once identified, it will take you to the page you delete, reduce your weight.

website is search engine punishment or drop right has been a topic that everybody talks about, so we are concerned about this aspect there are three main issues: after the site was punished what phenomenon? Why web search engines will be punished? How to solve the site is down right? Today I’m alone from the first issue of them carefully about the site is down right after the some of what kind of phenomenon.

site outside the chain of course is not to say that a small amount of reduction of a two reduction, but decreased for all the chain of a web site for a wide range of. If a station has 2000 links, if all of a sudden, a decrease of 500, or even 1000, that is to see is not the site is down right. Generally this is the case because the quality of the chain before doing is very low, or because the chain account is deleted, all links have become invalid links. So everyone in the link when we must pay more attention to the quality from the site outside the chain of Multi Chain of high quality, do a website for us, this is a healthy development, rather than doing a lot of spam links, then the pain was mercilessly deleted.

3, 1, Here the

> your website.

site part included content reduced.

you may think I have talked about the focus, evade the crucial point, in fact, only for these phenomena right down we understand more and more clearly, we can better analyze the causes and to find the corresponding solution ready for one thing, if we ask three know that unsuspectingly. How are we going to solve this problem is very difficult?. So I think the first thing to do anything fundamentally, grasp the principal contradiction, do the preparatory work in advance, make things up with.