Shanghai Longfeng do have in the future Shanghai Longfeng occupation planning


website operation treatment will be better than the Shanghai dragon, but the site operation is relatively high for the individual ability requirements. Do you need only responsible for the Shanghai dragon rank on the site on the line, do you have the operation, responsible for the overall operation of the website, the website company is profitable, the person is very key operation site. What you need to learn what

, Shanghai (Dragon Master supervisor, manager of Shanghai dragon)

site operations manager

Shanghai, where is the future? Shanghai dragon is a simple entry but do a good job or to achieve a monthly income of 5000+ is not easy occupation! A lot of people and a small fox, after learning and practice the first few months, soon from the lower Shanghai dragon and the chain Commissioner of the title to a business interview to get more than 3000 of the wages, this is the Shanghai dragon entry! But you will soon find bottlenecks, when you update the news day in and day out and send the chain, seems to have become a norm in Shanghai Longfeng! Where is the future? How to carry out the occupation planning of Shanghai Longfeng, the small fox went through all Shanghai Dragon God work with own finally came up with a few what one sees and hears, said:

For example,

1, a product manager: product is the core of the website, network operators need to packaging and selling products, can use more attractive words and pictures to go into the hearts of consumers, so that consumers have a consumer and a desire to buy the

2, the market manager: you need to know the characteristics of consumer psychology and the target population, can use the website of the product presentation, screen design to impress potential consumers, and guide consumers to smooth consumption or call consulting, registration and other

! !

3, channel manager: here is not sales, after we understand the characteristics of the target population, we must.


Shanghai dragon is a precipitation position: the same article, how to grasp the needs of users to create high quality content; the same is the hair of the chain, how to write the extrapolation for users attractive and waves in the chain channels appropriate; if you can tap the chain channels for industry continue to site drainage; if you can pay more attention to the user experience of the website increased conversion and transaction. To do a lot of Shanghai dragon are preschool end born, then change the code if it is natural be nothing difficult, marketing or advertising was born in Shanghai Longfeng, whether should learn HTML and php. What is the Shanghai dragon master? Can successfully bring benefits for enterprises in Shanghai, the dragon is a master to understand the different sectors of the Shanghai dragon optimization plan of Shanghai dragon is the master! So Shanghai dragon needs precipitation, from the lowest Shanghai dragon or intern apprentice to Shanghai dragon Commissioner may need half a year, but to Shanghai Longfeng Supervisor / manager needs three years to three years, and this is what we do to do the Shanghai dragon from Shanghai Longfeng (at Shanghai Longfeng). The only way which must be passed

(Network)Relatively speaking,