Site is not in the first home page causes and Solutions

modified three labels is the first big taboo to do Shanghai dragon, here to tell you that my blog is not Shanghai dragon as a search engine, and I do not learn to experiment to modify three labels. (I am not responsible for the consequences, but still can find a solution, here

many owners may find that although site is not in the home, but the rest of the page but it is very good, even is the second. This situation I personally feel is greater than the weight of home page weight, page update frequency is greater than the home page.


., right down the website can not.

, the web server is not stable

two, the chain explosive growth or reduction of

site why is not the first home page for this love Shanghai official is not a clear public explanation, and online for site to write the article is pretty much, but I can really feel very complicated. So I presented here is I do a little bit of experience in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, I hope you have a reference value.

two, the website greatly revision

said the site to drop right generally cannot do without Links these fellow sufferers".

three, the low quality Links implicated

, the weight of the inside pages than the home page


whether you admit it or not, site is not in the home first as down right has become a reality, although many webmaster will take Sina, NetEase, Tencent and other large website that site is not in the home is not right down, but after all, is the website so you can get very low ratio of. And with site is not the first home page also led to a lot of keywords ranking drop, this should be a lot of stationmaster can feel. It can also cause such as brand search words can not find their own website or even the mention of domain is not in the home the first problem. The important will be more difficult in the construction of the Links.

site do not at home, this is really a headache. Usually site is not in the home many owners are considered to be loved in Shanghai down the right, we also talk about the "Links reason you refused to exchange a" mentioned in the text of site is not in the home is often refused to exchange Links reason, so I think it is necessary on this topic in detail the reason why site is not in the first home page and solutions.

[site] in the first home page

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if you have Lu Songsong outside the chain of tools or other chain group tools, found that site is not in the home that you don’t need to explain.

in the first page of the reason