Search the title of the article only included not included the article page solution

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the above problem in the end is what causes it, believe that the webmaster should also have encountered such a situation, but should not have to study it carefully, I will give you the reason analysis.

I described above, will ask, why the search time is shown in the content of the page, and then second days in time to search, it is the home page, what is the reason? The reason is very simple, because we are the number of sites, is the next day update snapshot the same day, the snapshot is not included in your latest published articles (title or title + Abstract), the next day is on the contrary.

3, third, is the site of the page is down right, in fact, this situation can be summed up to the first case, after right must weight disparity, will also cause the search does not display the title of the article and the article page display page.

recently love Shanghai frequently update algorithm, the Shanghai dragon staff a lot of pressure, the boss and customer requirements included in the site of growth, growth of traffic, but in the current search engines love Shanghai sensitive period, it is not intended, articles included is very slow, inadvertently found a problem today, is my morning update after an article, I love Shanghai in the search for their title afternoon, found his home included, but his article content page but not included, see below:

2, second, the post has not been included, and home page updated snapshot, and we put the latest headline or title + the call to the home page, this situation will cause the search for the title of the article does not display the article page and display page.

if you like and I encountered this problem, the article is to give you the page chain, so as to enhance the weight of the page, but don’t do too much the chain, the amount can be. This paper by 贵族宝贝ztweb Shanghai Longfeng贵族宝贝/ editor, please indicate the

1, the first case, a is the most common reason, is within the page weight is too low, and in between the home page weight disparity, and we put the latest headline or title + the call to the home page, which resulted in the title of the article does not show the search page and display page.