Love Shanghai search results only show the influence of home.

(1) in the URL of the page optimization: before we always stressed, the inside pages. The shorter the better, to be meaningful, so that users can judge from their will arrive in the search results page. This argument is not

(3): after the optimization of the page title in the page URL cannot affect the user choice, write the title of the page, there is a greater impact on the user clicks, webmaster should pay more attention to the idea of the site title.

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love the search results only show page URL, do some of these boats conjecture, hoping to attract. There is no identity webmaster, welcome paizhuan. The editor: agricultural products 贵族宝贝, please indicate the source.

after this adjustment, may these benefits to users and website:

love the search results only show home page URL, may have several effects on the website optimization:

this afternoon to search a word, find love Shanghai to search results of an adjustment, only display the website address, the results were shown as follows:

(2) in the weakening of some station page URL disadvantage: many pages because the number is too large, not batch set meaningful URLs, usually some meaningless parameters, it is not conducive to the optimization. After such adjustment, the disadvantage is not obvious.

(2): after optimization home page only shows the page URL, the user will pay more attention to the web page. Easy to remember the home page, will be more conducive to the accumulation of users.

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(4) to strengthen the website brand: users prefer a home page to identify the site, whether they have, how do you feel. Effect of user clicks on the brand website will be more important, the users of the site will be impressed.

(1) to reduce the number of interference information for users: Web page URL is often complicated, it is difficult for users to get much useful information from these. After this adjustment, the page will be more concise.