understand from the search engine is essentially a say Shanghai dragon why


why Shanghai dragon core theory of knowledge: "five golden rules":

1, whether you are important? The weight of URL is high;

is the most worrying to me, love will not be because of Shanghai, Shanghai and Shanghai dragon industry has love PPC constitute a competitive relationship, love Shanghai want to take the whole industry leading operation, make corrections, let more people believe that love Shanghai PPC, desalination trust in the Shanghai dragon Er practitioners, and make more people believe in love love Shanghai Shanghai PPC, pulled the bidding results. And the best operation, is the industry leader! I hope my worry is redundant, not really

3, whether you are the original? Collection content, often can not get good rankings is the truth. So, to excavate the original content sources, is a challenge to the ability of Shanghai dragon. Secure

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recently, the real Shanghai dragon industry leader, Shanghai dragon love Shanghai why fell to second pages, triggered a strong concern in the Shanghai dragon industry, many people began to question the Shanghai dragon why, Shanghai dragon think why technology has old-fashioned, Internet marketing Zhuzhou not Shanghai dragon why disciple, but more or less and the Shanghai Dragon why some karma, I just according to their own understanding to the interpretation of Shanghai dragon why knowledge to Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon why say

I hope those who question "

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the five golden rule is thinking of the simulated users search, search engine and fundamental of existence is to provide users the most valuable information, to provide users with the most relevant and the most useful information is the premise of the search engine to obtain commercial value of the no users, did not produce commercial value;

5, you are welcome? Here refers to the website PV to higher than their peers, let the search engine think your website is more popular

4, you are up-to-date? The search engine come every time, if the site is updated, or permanent

2, what are you? In order to illustrate your web page is about the keywords the most professional, you need to do is work earnestly "around a word"

I always think: the possibility of love Shanghai artificial intervention is very small, very simple truth: love Shanghai damage the user experience, is self defeating; besides, Shanghai dragon why is the industry leader, attention will never fall in love with the sea as can be imagined, on the cusp of wind to touch the tiger ass, this not trouble you; ten thousand steps back, do Shanghai dragon training more than Shanghai dragon why, there is no one to do the bidding of Shanghai Longfeng keyword promotion, does not constitute a competitive relationship with the true love Shanghai, love Shanghai is not necessary to industry leading the whole down, while the other row of Shanghai dragon training. This is not logical;