The domain name spelling method for easy Jianzhan

in a lot of time the flow of a web site is relying on the publicity of the webmaster, but it is time-consuming and laborious, and sometimes may be due to improper propaganda contrary effect. A method of saving labor is all the owners want. Here I will introduce a case: domain name spelling method.

first of all, for example, the famous Gmail, as Google products support the majority of users, the domain name is, but there is a site, and Gmail domains have a dislocation, believe that there are a lot of friends inadvertently visited this site, this station is the use of user input errors to bring traffic, imagine how many people visit Gmail every day, even if the error rate for the millionth, then he will get traffic for?  

this has achieved the effect, you do not need publicity, the user himself.

is the use of word domain name law publicity, perhaps this method by other known similar domain name might not be you, here to introduce a method: the use of search engine keyword words, this is also I was recently in practice.

on my own website for example, my website is mainly introduced by Alexa, but Alexa in the search engine ranking in a short time is impossible, so I would take into account the error of user input, for example, sometimes people may lose Alexa, error: alxea. I will use this application for the domain name, the effect is obvious in the Google search alxea, alxea ranking of the words in the first row are my station, of course, because is the new sites, baidu recently to the railway station, so the policy has not been included Baidu, but I believe you will certainly be included once my the station is ranked first in the input alxea.

thank you can have the patience to read my article, my writing is not good, hope to have what good advice and I can communicate with