Google trademark dispute Beijing Google was renamed

two "Google" trademark dispute and court hearing the case in Beijing Haidian District court ultimately ruled that the Beijing Google Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Google") and the name of a lawsuit, asked Google Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese) [Google] (Chinese)" compensation.

Haidian District court heard yesterday (Google China) v. Beijing Google trademark infringement and unfair competition case. The court ordered the latter to stop using the name of the enterprise, the compensation for economic losses and reasonable litigation expenses totaling 100 thousand yuan, and the application to change its name to the industrial and commercial authorities, after the change of the enterprise name shall contain the word "Google".

according to the Haidian District court for the "First Financial Daily" data, Google (Chinese) said in the indictment, the American Google company (Google Inc.) is a global web search engine company, Google (Chinese) is the subsidiary of Google Ireland company [hereinafter referred to as Google (Ireland) "in China investment to set up a wholly foreign owned enterprise. American Google company registered in 2000 for Internet information services "Google" trademark.

Google of the United States in early 2006, officially established a "Google" as "Google" Chinese name, apply for registration of the relevant categories of "Google" trademark Chinese, at the same time to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for approval and set aside the Google (Chinese) enterprise name. The indictment said, therefore, "Google (China) is a ”Google’ and ‘Google’ trademark licensee".

Google (China) believes that the Beijing Google Google company in the United States announced the Google Chinese name, the opportunity to malicious registered with the name of the name of the enterprise name.

and Google in the court of Beijing Google (Chinese) litigation qualifications and rights related evidence, investors and the American Google, American Google company of "Google" enjoy prior rights and questioned.

Haidian court held that the American Google company and Google (Chinese) enjoys the well-known trademark right and the right of name translation of "GOOGLE", and on the basis of previous accepted principles, enjoy the legal rights of the company name the name "Google", Beijing Google in the enterprise name in the unauthorized use of "Google" behavior. There are both subjective intent, also cause public confusion the consequences of violation of the rights, constitute unfair competition. The court made the decision.

Beijing Google in April 19, 2006 by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce approved the establishment of Haidian branch. First Financial Daily reporters in Beijing city industry and Commerce Bureau, the company registered capital of 100 thousand yuan.