E-commerce is very close to you to teach you how to hold him

first we know that SEO is a useful tool for e-commerce

more and more people are concerned about this topic, this morning saw a report on e-commerce, then we talk about the prospects for the development of e-commerce today.

e-commerce through the Internet to buy and sell transactions, covering a wide range of business institutions, e-commerce threshold is higher, not only need strong technical support, credit protection and related legal protection.

e-commerce sales growth of 100% per year, can affect a country’s economy. In 10 years, but there are no longer than the mountains of e-commerce, but they are the credibility of the three, payment, logistics. With Alipay, caifutong joint and three party payment platform and bank credit and payment, the problem has improved with the development of technology and people recognized on the Internet has been improved.

with the rapid development of e-commerce, logistics and transportation has been unable to keep up with the festival, he is currently the development of e-commerce is relatively large obstacles. Objectively speaking, the development of traditional industries is bound to lag behind the virtual industry.

e-commerce giant taobao.com in China’s first undisputed trading volume. Another guest, Mcglaughlin, Le Amoy, Tokyo mall, dangdang.com business platform turnover rate is higher.

According to

statistics, the electronic commerce volume of 30% comes from the search engine, and the competition between enterprises is quite intense, you know taobao.com began with the September 2008 screen Baidu, not to obtain goods for information, mainly to protect the market share, Baidu has to prevent erosion. The most important thing is to prevent users from Baidu search habits. Cooperation with sogou. So Baidu’s biggest competitor is not Google, but Taobao’s Alibaba. Please see the following figure:


I think B2B (B to B) will be the mainstream of the development of e-commerce, because of the large amount of transactions between enterprises and enterprises, the credibility of good quality of service. Alibaba launched Taobao mall B2C is not actually optimistic about Alibaba CEO Ma, because in China B2C market has been very mature.

in my opinion will be done after the e-commerce product refinement, focusing on a class of goods. Like dangdang.com is starting to sell books, Tokyo mall is selling 3C products, with a focus on products to become an expert in this field, improve the brand effect, which can increase the conversion rate, conversion rate is also one of the factors most important e-commerce.

e-commerce in this era has given us the opportunity, our country starts relatively late, this is our modern opportunity so actively innovation! The prospect of electronic commerce is bright, we all believe that


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