Japan Kao and Tmall international cooperation into the baby product line


technology news October 13th news, in the Alibaba of Hangzhou Xixi Park 2015 double 11 global Carnival started the scene, Kao Japan announced a strategic partnership with Tmall international, through the cross-border import electricity supplier market China mode deployment, the introduction of Kao paper diaper baby product line etc..

It is reported that Tmall

, Japan Kao international official flagship store on-line in the double 11 next month on the eve of the products sold to Japan Kao products. Logistics, by rookie network, ant payment service providing payment from cross-border transactions, cross-border cross-border logistics services, through Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Guangzhou city completed 11 pilot cross-border import customs clearance double orders.

Kao Japan on behalf of the board of directors Takeuchi Junaki said that Japan has been on the official Kao channel control is very strict, Alibaba retail platform is Japan Kao in the official online platform only authorized China, other platforms are not authorized.

at present, in addition to Japan Kao, Tmall introduced the Danone Group, Nutricia Wyeth, Heinz, Abbott, curiosity, Nestle, Australia’s Bellamy, A2 milk, diapers and other baby products standard; mother platform, Japan Mikihouse, South Korea’s Zero to Seven, Taiwan Herbuy, Singapore Mums Holland, Holland at Home have been settled. (Tong Gao)