Side of the acquisition of Wangfujing department store adjustment finally want to understand

Since September 27th,

announced a major asset restructuring suspension has been more than two months, on Friday, the Wangfujing department store announced finally approved the acquisition of 100% stake in Kaiyuan commercial. Although did not catch up last week, the concept of Amazon Go brings new retail stocks rally effect, but by the end of 2016, Wangfujing department store in the capital restructuring and business transformation is undoubtedly out of the critical layout.

on the end of the month, Wangfujing group announced the establishment of the whole channel center, the marketing department, the company and the electricity supplier channel project reorganization, upgrading to a major business center in the headquarters of the group directly attributable. Du Baoxiang, President of Wangfujing group, said the establishment of the whole channel center is the beginning of the adjustment of the headquarters of the group headquarters, Wangfujing from the group level to redefine the future direction of retail.

as the first batch of electricity providers to embrace the traditional retail business, Wangfujing in 2012 established the independent electricity supplier team, once the establishment of an independent electricity supplier company, launched the official mall, carry out self-service, sea Amoy business stores. After trying to change the electricity supplier in a variety of ways, the group finally understand the electricity supplier and the Internet, the Wangfujing began to adjust from the internal organizational structure, re positioning the relationship between stores and electricity supplier.

big adjustment from within the organization

in Wangfujing group’s new headquarters restructuring, transformation from operational control to the headquarters of the group control strategy, the management and operational functions to the format will be the core resources in decentralization, group integration, one of which is the center of all channels, co-ordination and integration of all users of resources, construction of mobile Internet users, cross channel upgrade platform; cross format membership rights system; cross channel marketing management, through cross channel open, upgrade stores marketing and membership management, delivery channels.

it is understood that the beginning of 2014, the Wangfujing has put the whole channel to a strategic level, but the original full channel is a temporary project, including various departments within the group, the project team with all business departments more competent leadership docking, low efficiency, high cost of cooperative.

this will be the market, electricity providers, the whole channel project merged into a full channel center, rose directly to the headquarters of the organization, the whole group to co-ordinate the entire channel format.

"the original market department has two main functions: the first is the group marketing promotion organization and guidance for our local marketing promotion store more, headquarters have the overall authority, second member group management system. The organizational structure adjustment of the two functions into full channel center, integrated marketing and cross channel at the group level, and direct docking stores perform landing, deputy general manager of Wangfujing full channel center, electricity supplier company Liu Chunji told billion state power network.

billion state power network has learned, the Wangfujing department store department stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, Ole 4 formats, each format has a management company or division, the right to operate all in the format of the division, and then to the store. But all cross channel marketing, package >