Star password providers from the Wei open shop of the Zexi event on the self cultivation

51 small holiday brush circle of friends is the explosion Wei Wei event. College student Wei Zexi was suffering from an incurable disease, through the search engine to find a hospital, the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to save life, instead of being drained the last drop of blood, hanhen. We are forwarding from vicarious outrage, when the network has become an important channel of information sources, each helpless individuals are likely to turn to the web search, and will be into a trap of



is for this thing, a lot of various aspects have discussed, the government regulatory system vulnerabilities, search engine enterprises joint liability, Putian Department of the hospital, the perplexing minor letter when we held one by one, clean up slowly. On the individual experience, if you click the links into a full page ads and popups, will feel deeply malicious? There are many articles to teach you how to polish the eye to tell the shop department of Putian hospital today, as the electricity supplier practitioners, we listen to the star password business mentor on what kind of shop can reflect the electricity supplier self cultivation.

first, do shop to determine the availability of good quality sales. No please don’t open no! Please don’t open no! Please don’t open! (important words three) can form a good product reputation, reputation is the best salesman, rather than off the endless pop and boast.

second, the shop is not designed to be like a hole in the net! Open shop, dazzling color in more than five kinds, everywhere flashing golden light. People just want to shout, monster! See the color of the people away, how can someone seriously look at your product?

third, a good shop, not a nuisance! Although the network transaction does not meet, or to have the basic etiquette. If you just want to understand first, please do not use pop repeatedly asked. Just like a hand stretched out from the computer, it is necessary to firmly grasp the people, not to leave. The results will only make people more disgusted.

fourth, good quality, please speak in kind. Please use the details to show, virtual items, please let the case and the facts. The masses have sharp eyes, not all piled up with Mrs. Wang maigua! Finally left to eat melons only


fifth, do not promote the promotion. Promotion is around the operation to come, according to seasonal changes according to the stage. Do not want to use a word for eight hundred years!

star password mentor said, at present by satellite platform password ( hatching shop is increasing, in the sales of goods and electricity supplier practitioners should also strengthen self-discipline, to give customers a better user experience, purify our grid environment. Wei Zexi incident has the problem of social and government regulation, the responsibility of the search engine, for our electricity supplier, we need to do our part, hold our bottom line. This pushed the everyone to act, do their work, should bear the responsibility, but not in mutual accusations, society can progress, in order to reduce the tragedy. < >