618 see China business a few happy tears

electricity supplier in the year to promote, not only sales, but also the pattern of each platform. This year, in order to meet the "618" Festival is coming, businessmen are out of sincerity: in May 18th the Jingdong held 2016 quality carnival, then in May 25th the United States online press conference, Ali launched the first 618 Tmall fans Carnival activities, 3C, automotive, clothing and other brand this year is also enthusiastic. However, in the face of increasingly rational business market, in addition to the discount of the finishing touches, only crossed the giants, pattern, quality and service level of four, to occupy the initiative at the China upgrading of consumption.

giant: duopoly pattern shake, electricity supplier third roads in


2015 Chinese e-commerce market transactions reached 16 trillion and 200 billion, total sales of the year Ali (GMV) to achieve 3 trillion, accounting for the amount of 18%, the Jingdong to GMV5000 million results, share 3% of the market share, the two giants did not share half of the country, but enough to get behind the players to catch up.

data from 2015 to see, the completion of the ten billion level GMV platform only vip.com and mogujie.com two, even if the growth rate to maintain double speed, to achieve the magnitude of the upgrade is really a long-term challenge. For example, Ali in the 2015 GMV growth 29.8%, GMV growth figures will reach 677 billion yuan, opened a Jingdong dan.

now, Ali, Jingdong sales volume oligopoly industry leader pattern is still no shake, but it has always aloof, leader of the more difficult to break through the predicament. The latest data QuestMoible pointed out that the electricity supplier of the third roads: focus on the power of Chinese women consumers.


is the largest social fashion business platform, dedicated to provide clothing, fashion shoes, bags and accessories for young users and beauty products mogujie.com 2015, Analysys think tank data show that the registered users billions of dollars, more than tens of millions of monthly active mobile end users access, Tencent advertising alliance, has tried banners, plaque, and a variety of native advertising morphology, number of users soared, daily average was off 50 thousand, continues to break through bottlenecks. In May 2016 the largest babe network in maternal APP months to live more than tens of millions of mainstream business platform, the use of single day more than Jingdong, showing a very high user stickiness. And its growth rate is more than the Jingdong, vip.com 3-4 times. These differences focus on female consumption to meet business platform, the giant showed higher than the industry look at fiercely as a tiger does, user activity, growth.


mode off: self + platform into a trend, the focus of the crowd have penetration

in the spirit of "let the world is not difficult to do business," the original intention, Alibaba built up so far the world’s largest