Foreign registrar says CNNC is crazy

  [CN domain name registration of fire to the world

              March 7, 2007, CN domain name 1 yuan registered in china:

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        "CNNIC start the national domain name takeoff action" (

                March 7, 2007, national authorities in the Ministry of information industry, the State Council Information Office and the Information Office of the State Council and Chinese Academy of Sciences and other guidance support, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) held a press conference in Beijing, the official launch of the national domain off action, announced that from now until May 31st, the first year of the new CN domain name registration will enjoy 1 yuan registered price.

              the CN domain name one yuan experience and national domain off action "is Chinese Internet Network Information Center launched to promote the universal application of CN domain name, the domain name to achieve national development, and promote China’s Internet economy by major action.

              in 2007, the development of China’s Internet industry has ushered in rapid new inflection point of network economy, the scale of the urgent need to break the bottleneck, as the basic resources of the country domain name.CN is also at a critical point. The Internet has domain and the proportion of Internet application is proportional to the degree, the activity will be 1 yuan to experience CN release of many Internet users on the Internet domain name applications, greatly enhance the network application level in China and the scale of network economy.

              national domain name.CN growth, is conducive to the protection of our right to maintain China’s Internet, information security, and promote the prosperity and development of Internet application, to occupy the beneficial position of Internet information competition. For users, due to the CN domain name is managed by China’s institutions, the occurrence of disputes applicable to China’s law, so the registration and use of CN domain name is more secure, more vulnerable to security interests. The one yuan to reduce the user experience threshold, will attract more users to try to register e