The 7 ways of medium and small enterprises to use social media marketing

in today’s society, with the rapid development of the network, social media occupy a very important position in people’s daily life, and many businesses have begun to products and services and social media combination, through micro-blog, WeChat, Facebook and twitter for marketing. We can not ignore the impact of social media on business, social media has become an important part of corporate marketing strategy.

is not only in foreign countries, but also has been paid more and more attention in china. Social media is playing a more and more important role in marketing. 81% of North American companies use social media to promote the development of their companies. In China, the company is also open to micro-blog WeChat. But few people know how to use it, this article will lead you to learn 7 ways to use social media.

1, know your potential customers

in social media marketing is not just to promote their own products so simple. Starting from the potential customers, try all kinds of ways to learn all their information, including what they are thinking, how they think, what their interests are, their way of life is how and where they live. The more understanding of potential customers, the easier it is for its characteristics of marketing. For example, 51 search network ( is a B2B industry website, the company launched the WeChat is not the only company information services, as well as on the potential users of concern from all walks of life information, anecdotes and so on. By this way of publishing information quickly accumulate a lot of fans. Explain the potential users of the B2B industry website like this information.

2, the use of a variety of social media

when we try to run social media tools, but also when we choose. The characteristics of each social media determine the different characteristics of the audience.


at the beginning of the operation the best way is the most stupid way. We operate in micro-blog WeChat, watercress, and everyone else. Then according to the number of fans after a period of operation, interaction. Customer conversion rate to select a few can focus on the operation of social media. For example, the search network mainly through WeChat and micro-blog to do social marketing, and everyone is relatively fresh and small, such as watercress, so it is not able to play a good marketing platform B2B effect.

3, the use of social media operations management tool

mentioned above need to use a variety of social media to find the most suitable platform, but the workload will be very large. At this point, the best solution is to use social media operations management tools. Domestic social media operations management with Kongming social media management platform, micro enterprise micro-blog marketing management platform, micro