3D mall New Model online shopping + shopping + Entertainment


online shopping has become popular in people’s daily lives, and the ordinary online shopping is a single page click, with all the Internet operations no difference, there is no new idea. Online shopping generally only suitable for individual purchase, usually between friends will choose the real partner shopping shopping, so you can freely exchange ideas in the purchase of products, but also more practical, life. Hommization。

and 3D mall in the new model, you can join the shopping element, entertainment elements, etc., is a combination of the convenience of online shopping features and physical shopping sexy features. Consumers can stay at home to go shopping with friends, new experience the fun of online shopping. In this new model, the friends can choose between the edge of the exchange, which is more scientific and technological, user-friendly, more practical, to bring more convenient services to users.

market outlook

at present, the rapid development of e-commerce in the growing period, all kinds of online and offline sites, shopping malls are in the snatch this cake, all kinds of B2B, B2C, C2C and hot buy site. Click on the site to browse more and more homogeneous shopping today, a new user online shopping model is very important. From Taobao was founded in 2003 so far, the scale of C2C has been developed to a certain height, the past two years as the Jingdong mall, Dangdang, excellence of these B2C model website also gradually accepted by the people, living in the electronic commerce environment gradually grow up. The competition between the enterprises to e-commerce this cake bigger and bigger, but the current B2C mall is one of the main positioning to circumvent the alienation of Taobao mall, and the future of 3D mall may be a good opportunity for development.

3D mode: online shopping + shopping + entertainment

online shopping: online shopping has become part of the lives of Internet users, and now the stage of e-commerce has been the original accumulation stage of the online shopping market, has been in the rising phase.

shopping: shopping is the content of the innovation of 3D mall, from the emotional point of view, there are several nearby and friends go out to walk the psychological needs. While the 3D mall can meet the needs of those Indoorsman Indoorswoman.

3D mall can be produced from a variety of angles, you can build a national integrated mall, you can also build a subdivision of the positioning of the mall, you can also build a regional mall.

3D mall can also make the virtual mall and mall entities under the line combination, is also the recent hot O2O concept, each line entities mall can be based on the establishment of a virtual network mall mall entities own internal structure. This allows users to see online life in the area where the physical mall which new products are worth visiting the store and buy. This slows down the store became the fitting place network shop in the embarrassing situation.

a lot of blocks linked to the 3D mall will be able to form a virtual shopping city, Internet users in this virtual shopping >