Mobile micro shop model people that channel

fans micro shop selling mobile phones, the formation of a new long tail market, the integration of emotion and interests, reshaping the word of mouth marketing. This is a kind of people that channel concept, it will bring to the industry what impact?


recently, ZTE announced the launch of micro products, through the WeChat platform, allowing users to open a micro store to sell mobile phones. Mobile micro shop mode operates as follows:

vendors, ZTE provides systems, logistics, product support. After the user application to join, to provide users with standardized micro shop. Micro shop style simple, show a few products. Can be purchased directly, in the end Alipay mobile phone payment, SF delivery. Micro shop first open for ZTE employees, and then extended to ordinary consumers.

users, after the application to join, select the product you want to sell, access to micro shop links can be recommended in the circle of friends or other platforms, zero cost. Sell mobile phone to their influence parity, earn ZTE rebate.

seems to be based on the promotion of mobile Internet, not a new model. But it contains the idea, that is, the channel, in the current and future, has obvious advantages.

One of the advantages of

: B2C2C way to seize the long tail of the mobile phone sales channels, the formation of a new breakthrough in sales.

mobile phone sales channels head market where?

traditional mobile phone manufacturers sales model to B2B2C based. Products to distributors (such as day), retailers (such as line, Dixon line Jingdong), operators (such as mobile), and then to the user through the sales channels. This part of the channel sales volume of more than 80%, from the contribution of the point of view, is the head market.

The rise of millet and other Internet

mobile phone manufacturers, led the B2C sales model, saving the cost of distribution channels, more let users, electricity supplier channels is the "head of the market".

two models, are hidden in a long tail market".

the core of the long tail market is an individual agent, such as acquaintance Bangdai goods, sell products door, are individuals play a role in it. How much personal power, no one knows, in the traditional distribution model of almost no concern. Even if the concern, the cost of development is also great.

and now the situation is different, the two trend to promote the maturity of the personal agent market. One is the personal power is outstanding, especially the V, since the rise of the media, they have a certain right to speak, to become a personal brand; two is the dominant cultural circle, especially based on WeChat’s circle of friends, WeChat group, enhance mutual trust.

so, B2C2C mode running time is ripe, it combines the spirit of both B2B2C and B2C, the company for personal agents, based on the circle of sales. Each person brings sales volume is not much, but the number of agents involved in sales, is a typical long tail market, new sales