What are the impact of price increases for Taobao

in Taobao open auto parts Xiao Yang recently encountered a problem that is often used before the beginning of STO price. In his view, Shen Tong has been used very well, the customer also from time to time to speed up the delivery of praise. But the auto parts business in the big competition on Taobao, the original profit is very low, and now the price is up, the cost will increase. The store credit is not high, but also raised the postage, so customers will go to those high reputation sellers closer, so I had to consider other courier companies.

because of the distress caused by the price increases, Taobao relevant responsible person said, and Taobao has business dealings with the courier company has more than and 20, so the price of individual companies will not affect the sales of stores. Although Taobao was given a reassurance, but many shopkeepers are prepared in advance, especially those who earn a profit by courier owner. A shop owner told reporters, jewelry profit is almost negligible, she usually by shipments, earn post express postage. Before each single can earn about 3 yuan, and now Shen Tong to raise prices, which is equivalent to cut off her only source of profit. So she recently actively contact logistics companies, to find a cheaper price courier.

it is understood that the reasons for the price of Shen Tong express company, mainly due to bad weather caused by some time ago. With the increase in the cost of human and material resources, Taobao recommended a number of logistics companies have raised the courier costs, mostly in the first raised the price of about 2 yuan.

for the companies price behavior, EMS, SF at present is not the price of the news.

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