Ma Yun, director of the State Post Bureau Ma Junsheng set 11 double Logistics


technology news November 11th evening news today 4 pm, Tmall double 11 turnover reached 68 billion 300 million yuan on the occasion, the group chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba director Ma Yun accompanied the State Post Bureau Ma Junsheng, appeared in Shunyi and Beijing Shentong Yuantong operation of distribution center, "11 class" double line logistics.

just to Shen Tong logistics park, director Ma Junsheng congratulated this year 11 victory, and constantly reminded the presence of logistics enterprises Mister: "this time don’t ruin."

In the "

class" in the process, the Secretary Ma Junsheng to Ma and logistics enterprises wish to put forward three points: first, attention should be paid to the domestic customer satisfaction; secondly, to speed up the construction of international logistics; third, to pay attention to environmental protection packaging materials, such as plastic packaging tape, then on to consider the use of degradable materials.

Ma Yun said Ali rookie network can lead to do this thing.

then, two people went to the Yuantong Beijing operation center. See tens of thousands of packages on the conveyor belt, Ma could not help but once again took out his cell phone to take pictures.

"we are guessing 11 double turnover today, we do not want to guess, for us, the top priority is to try to do the preparatory work carefully, technical links, all payment links, logistics links to Wanquan, provide the best service for consumers." Ma Yun said.