Online shop into the trend of the two representatives on behalf of the network to encourage entrepre

2009 electronic commerce development trend is an indisputable fact, according to the latest data released by CNZZ, the electronic commerce website number has reached 1.56, more than 50% enterprises to build e-commerce website. According to relevant media survey data show that in 2009, the scale of online shopping users reached 108 million people, an increase of 45.9%, online shopping usage continues to rise, currently reaching $28.1%. At the same time, according to CNNIC monitoring, in 2009 China’s online shopping market transactions reached 250 billion, compared with the double growth in 2008 (in 2008, China’s online shopping market transactions reached $128 billion 180 million). Only the first half of 2009, the total amount of online shopping consumption amounted to 119 billion 520 million yuan. The network hot market has attracted many enterprises and individuals began to enter the ranks of "network".

into the threshold of low online shop into a trend

is well known, the Internet is very low barriers to entry. Similarly, the Internet is bound to rely on the threshold of e-commerce is not high. To enter the e-commerce low threshold, many entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial team had a dream stage, more and more entrepreneurs in that huge potential network market, began to choose electronic commerce as the direction of entrepreneurship. The gem is a typical pattern, as long as there are sources, understand the basic operation of the shop, can be opened; and now a popular goods franchise model, eliminating the need for inventory risk, it is because of the online shop for funding and personnel investment requirements is very low, so the gem a popular model, has become a trend, a new trend, many white-collar workers, students and housewives have opened a shop.

is not only a personal, Lenovo, COFCO, Gome and other well-known enterprises in these has also opened a shop online. According to incomplete statistics, since September 2008, more than 5000 new stores per day.

at the same time, in the international financial crisis is that there is such a phenomenon: there have been foreign trade personnel to start a business through e-commerce platform, because many foreign buyers in order to reduce procurement costs and risks have increased by e-commerce purchasing proportion, which is no lack of WAL-MART is a big seller, it will undoubtedly become a good opportunity foreign entrepreneurs.

entrepreneurship to promote employment on behalf of the two sides to encourage entrepreneurship network

employment is Minshengzhiben, China’s employment situation is still very grim this year, recently held in NPC and CPPCC, a number of CPPCC members attended the meeting on the proposal, the government should increase the network entrepreneurship policy support, to promote entrepreneurship employment network.

National People’s Congress Standing Committee, vice chairman of the Central Committee, the economist Professor Gu Shengzu said: "the network business has a multiplier effect. One person to open a shop, you can drive 3.8 people". According to his knowledge of the data, as of the end of last year, Taobao has created a total of 808 thousand and 800 jobs, driven logistics, payment >