Han Liang’s mask settled in the United States and the United States with no micro business with the


] April 23rd news billion state power network, the state power grid to understand, South Korea’s brand of a beam mask leaves today officially settled in jumei.com, covering 28 mask products, but according to the observation, which did not appear the same mask Han beam sold in the micro channel in business.

It is reported that

, a leaf Ziju beauty mask product pricing official flagship store is currently sold in 55 yuan to 95 yuan, from the United States by selling proprietary way.


for jumei.com leaves mask official flagship store

it is understood that the Han beam a leaf was officially launched in 2014, when only through micro channel sales, at the end of the year, a leaf mask began in the Watsons counter sales.

but it is observed that a leaf Ziju official flagship store in the United States, did not appear in micro channel mask.

June 2014, Korea began to beam planning in the micro channel, in addition to a leaf mask, Han Mo Ju replenishment series is in giant beam through the micro channel of sale. At present, the average monthly sales of Korean micro channel reached 100 million yuan, is expected to reach $1 billion 500 million next year sales.