Buy the industry faces reshuffle network giant active layout

recently, there are reports that the F group has taken over the happy buy, and said F group’s own business does not exist crash". F group responsible person, the two sides have reached a cooperation agreement, happy net will be happy for future transformation of group purchase group purchase platform, will be responsible for providing word-of-mouth communication platform between users, while the F group to provide merchants selection, customer service and daily operation. ChinaVenture investment group analyst Feng Po believes that the move or become a group purchase industry to speed up the signal integration, the future integration of electronic commerce industry including group purchase industry, will become more active.

buy industry faces reshuffle

after the news that Gaopeng had massive layoffs, the number of layoffs is expected to more than 400 people, while in the 13 local sub station layout in China also abolished the overall. Gaopeng sharp contraction front become a microcosm of the network group purchase industry "winter is coming".

According to the

group purchase navigation site 800 recently released the "July statistical report" China group purchase, after sampling 17 group purchase site due to the sales gap is widening, transformation and exit and other reasons have been reduced to 12, a day of Amoy network Alibaba’s first report released this year and different the first half of the group purchase website of explosive growth, in August the number of China group purchase website for the first time the growth rate of less than 3%, the lowest since the beginning of this year’s record.

buy site in the performance of the investment market also confirms the arrival of winter. After the 24 round of B round of financing in July 21st, has not disclosed the new group buying site VC/PE financing case. And a few months earlier for VC/PE financing of the group purchase website, also is in the leading position in the market of the website, such as the handle, the U.S. group, Groupon, such as Wo Wo Group, have been more rounds of financing, and these reserves sufficient food website, is also expected in the future integration of the industry in a leading role.

In addition,

, large Internet companies are also seeking to get a seat in the industry reshuffle process. According to sources, Baidu will buy the layout of the field, and invest in the group of 36 cosmetics buy site. Previously, Baidu has been in the regional and vertical investment layout, such as investment in the travel search site, where the real estate information website anjuke and B2C mall Yao point 100, the investment of 36 group not only conforms to the vertical field of its layout strategy, also provides a platform for the industry to enter the group purchase. While other Internet giants are also in the layout of the industry to buy the group: Alibaba investment in the United States, Tencent shares F group.

strategic investment to change the industry ecosystem

since the end of 2010, large Internet companies in the field of Internet investment and M & A activities more active. In addition to Baidu actively layout of the vertical field, Alibaba closely around its e-commerce industry chain investment, by the end of 2010 to date have been invested in Wuzhou online, ProLogis, skyinsoft, meituan, Jamo, Shanda in its original investment sector to upgrade for the grand capital investment has HIJOY > this year