Q1 French electricity supplier development data in 2016 the amount of transactions or break 70 billi

news May 23rd, the French Electronic Commerce Association (Fevad) recently released the first quarter of 2016, the development of the electricity supplier data, a continuation of the growth trend in 2015, the French Q1 online transaction volume reached 237 million, an increase of 21%, the total trading volume of 17 billion 900 million euros, an increase of 16% compared with the same period last year.


analysis of the industry, the electricity supplier trading volume growth in the number of online shopping, shopping habits, shopping sites and other aspects of growth and optimization. Data show that the number of French online shopping grew by 1 million 700 thousand in the first quarter, the per capita net purchases amounted to 8.2 pen, as of the end of this year, a total of 186 thousand and 900 shopping sites in france. Fevad is expected in the third quarter of this year, this figure is likely to break through the 200 thousand.

in the case of the growth of the environment, the industry segments also show vitality. France B2C industry Q1 turnover grew 7%, B2B grew by 9%.

but it is worth noting that, C2C growth rate is far lower than the past two years, down 48%. Fevad believes that there are two reasons for this result: one is the operator to adjust the business strategy; the two is the transformation of C2C users.

addition, mobile shopping is still maintained growth momentum. Q1 orders submitted by smart phones, tablet PCs grew by 31%, the number of mobile end users accounted for the total number of online shopping by 51%.


for the 2016 electricity supplier trends, Fevad also made a prediction. It said that in 2015, France’s total e-commerce transactions amounted to 64 billion 900 million euros, an increase of 14.3%, according to the current growth trend, the annual turnover of 2016 euros or break 70 billion.