Taobao can hatch rural version of Tmall

Under the pressure of public opinion,

has been gradually marginalized, and Taobao has been given a new task in the rural market. Today, the first rural Taobao "festival special purchases for the Spring Festival official war, become the vanguard in the village of Amoy Ali rural market. Ali, Taobao has been playing the role of the incubator. From Juhuasuan to Tmall, a series of business from Taobao independent. Today, the rural Taobao independent App has been on the line, given the future strategic mission of rural Taobao, can take the opportunity to become a rural version of Tmall


layout: forage

on the tail of the 2015, announced at the Taobao University Seminar on the first anniversary of county electric Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong, Taobao, rural village service site has more than 10 thousand, covering more than 20 provinces. From the layout point of view, including all over the sky star program, rookie network, ants and other related services, including gold, Ali has been equipped with the rural people. The Taobao ecosystem all independent.

rural Taobao layout can be described as quickly. From October 29, 2014, Zhejiang, the Fuchun River Town, the first rural Taobao service station to start, by the end of 2015 the first ten thousand appeared, Ali took only more than a year’s time. The rapid expansion of rural Taobao and Ali group’s future strategy has a direct relationship. Ali after the listing in September 2014 to determine the next three strategies: globalization, rural electricity providers and big data. In the view of Analysys analyst Wang Xiaoxing, a second tier city mining market has to be made, the electricity supplier giants need to channel sink, targeting more potential rural market.

rural Taobao to build rural electricity supplier platform is just one, it is important to support the platform behind the link." Wang Xiaoxing believes that Ali has created conditions for the construction of rural Taobao ecological platform. According to the Beijing Business Daily reporter incomplete statistics, rookie network, the sky star program, Ant King, Taobao University, respectively, from the supply chain, finance, personnel to provide support in three areas.

to research analysts believe that Ali has been around for more than a year to build a rural Taobao ecosystem, although the business sector has not been fully integrated, but Ali layout ambition has undoubtedly highlight. "Rural" version of Tmall seems to become a natural product.

mode: difficult to solve

Although Ali

have clearly depicted the trading path of rural electricity supplier, namely downlink and uplink industrial countryside "agricultural products" into the city. But unlike the Taobao city turned Tmall, Taobao in rural areas, there are still many problems in the business model is not resolved, Taobao C2C model can not completely take the rural market.

has a number of business executives, business school co-founder Pei Dapeng believes that rural Taobao light platform model is the biggest advantage, but there are still a lot of work to do in the emerging rural market. In Pei Dapeng view, down to the rural Taobao is not much challenge, in addition to the education market also needs further expansion of Taobao outlets, while the upper face is facing low farmers operating capacity >