Taobao training Blue Ocean Amoy teach you train flow to improve the diction skills


training: Amoy blue ocean teach you train flow to improve the diction skills. Today, Amoy blue ocean for traffic, soaring words to find this answer.

soaring words, here for the novice to explain, is a word in the usual flow is very low, but in a period of time suddenly upgrade, for example, the word dress.



index can be seen in a short period of one or two days, the index increased from 600W to 4000W, improved about six or seven times higher, so, if we think of the word before, traffic is not very high (here is the assumption that can make the other word, the word flow is very high, do not add straight) he, however, suddenly one day, increased traffic, traffic is relatively high for several days. At this time, if the word is added, the amount will be higher than usual.

here to explain the index, but also a friend asked: for example, N is the flow, M is a variable, the index =n of the M sub, M can be =1.

above is the introduction of soaring words, the flow of soaring words, we in this period of time, even if the price is very low, the flow is also very high. Therefore, PPC is very low, the flow is very high, many are here to. Many words are the words of Taobao’s recommended drainage, there are some aspects of the weather, such as umbrellas, or some hot news, etc., as well as the stars with the money and so on some of the reasons caused by the

so, how can we find these words? There are two ways, the first is the tool:

so what are those tools?

here to give the most simple tool, is the official Taobao.

we open Taobao:




figure two


figure three

Figure ———–

above is the official words of some of the soaring real-time statements, soaring words, for us, is to be in real time, for some of these statements can not be viewed 20wtop.

surge in the tool has a lot of words here, not advertising, can have a lot of words soso soaring, some service providers can use tools.

here just want to explain, we can use some tools to find soaring words, find a breakthrough in traffic.

and above and I’m not here to say, because a lot of the time, some words may need to meet some situation we can train, this train is related to the internal algorithm, however, algorithm I do not know, but even know.