Alibaba COO Zhang Yong Tmall globalization eleven how to play

DoNews10 31 news (reporter Yu Weiwei) Alibaba after the listing of the first two of the upcoming eleven.

as early as in the previous media communication conference, Tmall has announced the 2014 eleven Tmall dual core strategy of the three: globalization, wireless and platform. Among them, the Tmall globalization, sea Amoy business play much attention.

Tmall global strategy how to carry out completion? In logistics, payment, single link has what innovation mode? Compared with Amazon, Shanghai FTA cooperation, Tmall global business and what resource advantage? Alibaba group COO Zhang Yong one by one interpretation of the.

to build the world’s double eleven

Zhang Yong introduced this year, Tmall double eleven biggest feature is "buy all over the world, the world can buy domestic consumers to buy", including the United States, Japan and South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, the global commodity by eleven; and the more than and 220 countries in the world of overseas consumers can also buy domestic goods.

for the export market, the double eleven for referring to "Taobao overseas" and "aliexpress" two platforms, mainly for the global consumer, help China sellers to expand overseas markets, driven by the brand to the sea, meet consumer demand overseas. In addition to helping many merchants export, this year’s eleven will also focus on the introduction of high-quality goods overseas businesses, has settled in the business has nearly 5400 brands in nearly more than and 20 countries.

Zhang Yong said that this part of the market advantage thanks to the opening of the domestic cross-border electricity supplier import bonded mode, with the bonded area of the electricity supplier platform can enjoy the convenience of goods clearance, and lower tax rates.

"This year is

double eleven double eleven year global Alibaba, is not only a start, is an important milepost, we hope that through five to ten years, the double eleven into a global consumer love festival," Zhang Yong said.

bonded mode advantage

Zhang Yong said that from the development of cross-border electricity supplier in terms of time, logistics and customs clearance link in the global commodity to enter the market Chinese is the key to the whole process of shopping and Ali considered when doing the double eleven globalization is a multi pronged approach, through a variety of logistics, to provide solutions for different sales formats.

Zhang Yong pointed out that from the consumer experience level, the dual eleven bonded mode of cooperation with Amazon and free trade zone, the biggest difference is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

first, globalization double eleven adhere to the consistent Ali platform mode, Tmall will not be sold to consumers in the global collection of goods, but to the supplier to provide the stage, through Tmall

sold to consumers;

second, to provide Chinese consumers with a more convenient and efficient online shopping sites, we hope