China good factory once again set off a series of good in China

"China good factory" is the world’s largest manufacturing industry online procurement market and hosting of the initiative, to join the Asian manufacturing industry with rich experience in purchasing the expert jury, selected layers of thousands of good factories, appraisal of the representative of the "China factory". The "good Chinese factory" will show their businesses in a variety of channels, emerge in the global manufacturing industry group purchasing. after 13 years of growth, becoming the world’s largest customer development platform to help North America, Europe, Asia, manufacturing procurement to enhance the efficiency of supply management, procurement of more than 100 thousand members of the community. In Chinese, supplier database has more than 500 thousand manufacturing enterprises, which has tens of thousands of manufacturing and processing, such as machining, forging, stamping, injection molding, sheet metal and layout etc parts processing. Most of these enterprises gathered in the main processing center of Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, the Bohai sea and the Central Plains area, these factories have their own characteristics, they both said willing to local manufacturing community service, is willing to expand manufacturing operations in other area.

in order to make these manufacturing enterprises more systematically classified, and more useful to help buyers seek to meet the conditions of the most professional factory, with relevant industry authorities, the media and government agencies and relevant departments, the resolution of the initiative "Chinese good factory" the selection activities, mainly for Asia, North America, the implementation of the "European collective procurement specialist Chinese factory". "China factory" selection activities to invite experts to review the formation of the review committee, participate in the formulation of assessment rules. Currently there are hundreds of buyers involved. "China good factory" selection activities will be through the selection of suppliers and field evaluation to find out the selected thousands of good factories, the selection of 100 "good factories in China" good business. All the "good factories in China" will be announced by the Organizing Committee and the judges to negotiate to determine the. (content: only product show