28 enterprises registered Baisha China. domain name

". Chinese" domain name is expected to be officially opened in 2009, the enterprise ". China" will be in a rush in the storm. Reporters yesterday from the Chinese Internet domain name registration services agency global reciprocity information group Changsha branch was informed that our province enterprise brand repetition rate is a serious phenomenon, famous brand Bai Sha as an example, "legally owned enterprises and individuals Baisha" trademark has 28, they would be registered "white. Chinese" domain name.

2008 "brand repetition rate survey report" shows that more than 90% well-known private enterprises brand duplication issues, therefore, the future there will be a "Chinese." domain name has more than one legal person who applies for the registration of.

according to the list of global information group Changsha reciprocity branch provided to the newspaper, Hunan famous enterprises "Meng Jie textile", "Liuyang fireworks" and "forget costumes" hundred enterprises have taken the lead through the registration of "Chinese.CN" domain name, firmly in the enterprise network brand "Meng Jie. China", "Liuyang fireworks. Chinese", "forget Chinese." similar "enterprise Chinese brand name. Chinese" domain name held in their own hands.

according to the national domain name registration authority Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) recently released the "Chinese domain global escalation policy: in the" China. "Domain name was officially opened, all the" Chinese.CN "domain names registered users will automatically receive the corresponding" Chinese Chinese domain. ". In the "Chinese." domain name into the global root domain name system, these automatically acquired "Chinese. China" domain name, will be synchronized to upgrade to the "China domain name" global root domain name system registry, to achieve global Internet access.

In addition,

, based on the Chinese domain name on the Chinese mail application will greatly facilitate business communication. For example, Sany chairman Liang Wengen’s famous mechanical engineering manufacturing enterprises in Hunan Province, the future will be printed on the name card "Wengen @ 31 China." this email address, the enterprise which opened an exclusive Chinese electronic post office.