The experience and perception of the young woman playing with rice

play m origin

last year due to accident, I became a vagrant, go to the hospital every day in addition to routine, doing nothing, so the natural network became my hopes on one day, accidental whim, want to do a website, then went to the note by CN domain name, one yuan meters from the activity. Fall into migang,.

can not extricate themselves…

play meter process

is the first registered in the ENAME domain name is ICCH.CN, and it was I in a few days ago to 5 yuan processing, in order to more domain name, I understand you need to dispose of the domain name, some valid short time rather cheap, do not rot. When I registered thirty-ninth domain names, met the first terminal of the telephone, is an industry M, but minon friends are not optimistic about, although the 500 set, but to the transaction, because of their own personality seriously messed up. But I don’t regret it, sometimes it’s more important than money.

started cooking rice, in addition to volume scanning in four letters or 2 letters +WAP with ENAME tools, 2 letters + industry meters, the other is their own creative, but not very strange ideas, is generally in a meaningful word combination. At that time, not what experience, although Saul meters, but rarely note, another type, will pick 1, 2 note only, then see the Hangzhou dog note so much, thought how so stupid, just know later in a $m case, in the analysis of the high rate of terminal meter that is sweeping the infusion of the bulk value is large, the total large. It was always a good sweep after the release, and then a week later, more than ten days to go to see when the rice species are often extinct.

was swept to see a note of the mass m m friends, because of the curious why he notes so much, so take the initiative to contact, so he became my first teacher, is the first master let me know the domain forum, later I went every day to the forum shopping, you will meet some meters friends, and later found a friend m disposition and the idea is good, worthy of worship, he later became my master, is now a lot of friends all know m DrName, master of wisdom, courage and integrity, I enjoy and worship. At the same time, I also know a lot of good and wise friends of rice, with their communication, so I took a lot of detours, in this, I sincerely thank all the friends I know and know me.

in June, the number of meters or even less, only a few cook every day, is the "chosen", July, due to limited ENAME gold membership, almost a month didn’t cook rice, missed a good time. By mid August, cannot stop cooking rice feeling, the ENAME account ENAME currency cash once again filled with 1K rose gold (although that account currency ENAEM is more than 1K, but because it is not a one-time charge, so a bit, then twists and turns) often give some not a note element M friends generation note, and therefore know more friends > m