Shenzhen’s nternet industry is the ten major events inventory

1 Tencent coral case Nanshan the two session of the admissibility of

a lasted 7 years, with 40 million 600 thousand users of anthozoan QQ software caused by intellectual property and acquiescence, criminal case and civil case dispute cases, for the second session in December 19, 2007 accepted the Shenzhen Nanshan court, Shenzhen, the Internet industry and become the focus of a case, is also concerned about the awaiting sentencing.

2 false reports on the Internet " Shenzhen Airlines flight attendants to sell personal goods online event

In November 16, 2007

, a well-known forum with a "Shenzhen airlines airline stewardess was selling the original collective underwear" card, Chengduo name Shenzhen airlines airline stewardess on a web site to sell openly through his underwear, stockings, boots and other personal items, become a hot netizens talk.

Shenzhen Airlines Shenzhen Airlines "law make a prompt decision, issued a statement" to the public, and report to the local public security organ for investigation, make a beautiful public relations crisis.

3 HUAWEI " redundancy gate " event

according to the southern network reported on October 27, 2007: HUAWEI, all HUAWEI employees working for over eight years, they have to "resign" and "the appointment" sign a 1-3 year contract with the company; informed sources said that HUAWEI’s move is intended to avoid the implementation of the new "labor contract law", "labor standards and keep the enterprise take the competitive practices" in the future of the enterprise in the system of the challenge.


" layoffs door " events, focus for the new "labor contract law" has become the employing units and workers concerned, the implementation of labor regulators to strengthen the supervision and protection of the interests of workers are more layoffs.

4 a network of Olympic Games on the eight points of Guo Xiaojuan cheat donate investigation

Guo Xiaojuan from Shanxi, Shenzhen was originally a brain tumor patients, May 2007, the Austrian Network for claiming no money Guo Xiaojuan donated 150 thousand yuan, followed by her success to Beijing to do the surgery, the remaining 100 thousand yuan donation. Guo Xiaojuan had promised to donate the balance, but later with the balance back home. August, to investigate the Austrian Network "eight Zhai" on Guo Xiaojuan’s situation, then called Guo Xiaojuan "cheat donate", and Guo Xiaojuan events in the online public apology to the community, and said it would thoroughly investigate the matter, and Guo Xiaojuan repeatedly expressed grievances.

friends donated money for the donor object, in the verification of financial supervision loopholes, so that no good deed goes unpunished make controversial events.

5 is the largest domestic animation website Hongbo holdings acquired

, greedy

is an overseas listed state-owned enterprises (CCS, 0552.HK) in Guangdong and the only investment institutions, Hongbo holdings in May 2007 October shot acquisition of "greed", according to the Shenzhen news said the acquisition amounted to 30 million dollars.