See qiyi Robin Li’s small wish and Lei Jun’s tacit

investment community news, was withdrawn in the privatization offer, "Silence" of 5 months Iqiyi has recently reported plans in the United States or Hongkong IPO, is expected to raise $1 billion, about $5 billion valuation of the company. Informed sources said that Baidu plans to issue a number of convertible bonds before IPO or similar tools to raise funds to investors, but the specific financing scale and time is not yet known.

Robin Li

is not dead heart striking one snag after another.A series of dynamic

Iqiyi are eerily reminiscent of Robin Li’s mind.

February 2016, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li and Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu proposed in Iqiyi all 2 billion 800 million valuation basis, all Iqiyi acquisition of Baidu holds 80.5% of the issued shares; if it is successful, Iqiyi will become Robin Li and Gong Yu led the consortium of private holding company.

July 2016, Robin Li and Gong Yu on behalf of the buyer consortium sent a letter to the board of Baidu, Iqiyi announced the withdrawal of the privatization offer proposed in February this year.

from February to July to December today, Iqiyi many variables, but one thing is certain, the first, the possibility of Iqiyi to be listed is very high; second, Robin Li Iqiyi of "look at fiercely as a tiger does". It is worth noting that, in the "about Iqiyi or will be in the United States or Hong Kong stocks listed on the news mentioned that Baidu plans in a number of IPO prior to the issuance of convertible bonds or similar tools, to raise funds to investors; it is tempting to conjecture: whether Robin Li will private purchase of the convertible bonds to shares of Iqiyi


said Robin Li and Iqiyi, Xiao Bian think…… There is a need to put relations with Robin Li and Lei Jun millet. Two rounds of financing so far in Iqiyi, investors only two places, one is Baidu, another is millet, therefore, Robin Li and Lei Jun has been fought.

November 2014, Iqiyi millet Lei Jun Department of science and technology, Shun Joint Investment for capital of $300 million, millet has become the second largest shareholder. Iqiyi reached 5 billion 295 million yuan in 2015 revenue growth of 84.3%, compared with 2 billion 873 million yuan in 2014, the Lei system also contributed to the capital.

Lei Jun help Robin Li investment Iqiyi, Robin Li did not help Lei Jun investment 51 car. In 2014, personal angel investment institutions Lei Jun Shun capital to join the Innovation workshop jointly invested 51 car 10 million yuan of A round of financing, at that time, Lei Jun is very optimistic about the car market, not only to help Li Huabing find investors also became the 51 car director, later, began to burn money war, Tencent invested by Baidu immediately led a 51 C round of financing, let Lei Jun smile.

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